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    During early-game farming, it is very important to loose as little troops as possible. When hunting for farms in the early game, if you notice that a player has stopped growing near you at 100-250 pop but you aren't sure about their troop count, you can check their def/off rankings along with their hero rankings to see what their activity looks like. If you notice that they have 0 points in both, there is a good chance that you will face no resistance in that village when farming. Then you can scout safely & find a juicy farm to help you grow.

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    A 15/9 cropper :crop: is an amazing village to have especially as your 2nd village BUT it is not always the best option for you.

    There is always a rush to settle :gau10: the best cropper possible in the first few weeks of a server and people go to great lengths to find a 150% 15cr and it's great for them but if you do not plan to make an insanely large army :teu03::teu06: based off of one village, you CAN skip the rush and settle a village closer to your spawn. This will allow you to build up your 2nd and subsequent villages much faster while also allowing you mobility :rep05: incase you need to rush to defend your new villages as they tend to be close by compared to a cropper you found 50 squares away.

    I know the "pros" might not agree with this logic but the reality is that there are limited croppers on a server and if your server is heavily packed (like the latesummer special), I think you are better off settling a second village near your spawn and starting your journey there. There are lots of pros and cons to selecting either strategy so remember to carefully think and pick the one that suits your gameplay style the most! ^^