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    This is all fine but in the meantime players will be driven away by their thousands and nobody will be round to see these fine new graphics. Unless something happens immediately then the game is finished. You know the players and alliances that are cheating so do something about it now. How can 1 player with 5 villages sit surrounded by 40 active, but no activity villages, farm 3 billion resources!!! and also everyone in his alliance doing the same???

    Lets be fair who needs gold when you have 10 supporting accounts, it is a mockery and we all know it is.

    Travian will not last long, new players are deleting as they cant cope with the overwhelming odds they face. Seasoned players like me are leaving because they can no longer compete. It needs sorting or TRAVIAN is dead!!!

    So here I am playing on a server spending my hard-earned money enjoying the strategy of war. After a few weeks, someone in my alliance explains he has spotted a few TECH accounts. He explains to me how this works. 4-months later it seems there are more TECH accounts than real accounts. Let's be straight about this, on the server, there are around 6 TECH alliances!!. The dominant META control all of these TECH alliances. One player has 5 villages, we are nearing the plans being spawned, and his weekly raiding averages 3 billion!!!

    The game is ruined, I have read through the forums and seen the complaints of the TECHs and Travian do nothing. We can identify ourselves which TECH accounts belong to which players but Travian does nothing. What is the point of playing this game anymore when players are allowed to basically create what they want?

    I have played this game for almost 20 years and it now seems unless I want to create multiple IP addresses etc then there is no point playing anymore.

    Travian was such a great game even in the original formats but I can't see it lasting much longer.

    Travian needs new rules to combat this cheating and take drastic action and take it now or the game is dead!!...............I will play out my last server and not return. :cursing: