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    Travian has indeed changed a lot if recruiting 2/3 of the server under one banner to share artefacts and to do opses together is not a zerg. Would you like to make a forum post on why goats gave up a small trainer without getting any arte in return? Grey sus, ngl

    As if you aren't a forum warrior of the supermeta poking a bit of fun? Wtfqaz?

    Well, long ago I was trying to play travian being proud of CWL member, so I wondered, how this server goes. Btw, english is not my native at all, besides I am old enough not to understand some acronyms of modern language lol. Wtf is pretty undestandable, but not qaz :)

    Hi all, I haven't been here for less than ten years, but for some reason my account was deleted, I had to register a new one, and this was a waste of time, pity and strange. Ok, as long as I remember Travian (since 2007) so much I hear howling and crying about metazerg. Tell me, is there really a zerg or are the next losers commemorating the lost caps and hammers? :)