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    2 building simultaneous

    Cavalry too strong

    you can start and updrage everything to 6 and then all building to research :rom05:

    if is an active account can get 20 before beginner protection ends with only production -> if you gonna raid and have production

    if want to settle fast, finish all production level 6

    got some cp building (cranny, embassy, market) and residence 10

    at the time protection ends you will get 3 :rom10:

    Or just being a try hard, finish missions, don't develops resources, start with :rom05:

    60-70 to raid, be a nightmare

    requires = experience, lot of time, no money only gold club and some for NPC (can earn gold from auction)

    dont waste resources

    dont waste troops

    be active


    just delete resources where players can get some good advantage cause this kind of playing style isn't too profitable.

    they prefer people to buy hero items and expend ridiculous amount of gold in auctions