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    Hello everyone. Superriku from KLUBBSPORRE here. I want to say thanks to everyone who played on the server, it was a round that turned out completely different than what I expected, in some sense fantastic, and also in some sense bad. Not much if any microraiding, techs, massive scale op’s, massive metas zerging… list goes on and on, a lot of stuff I hadn’t experienced before. This is only my point of view of things, and this post turned out be quite long.

    Big thanks and respect towards AFK. I was picked up to the IKEA team by AFK in the beginning of last summer, when he was playing around many nordics servers looking for potential players for this round. Although I had played with few of IKEA’s players earlier, most of the group was unfamiliar to me. I had obviously heard that the ally is full of really talented players. Even though I might not have been the loudest person in IKEA, I can say that we had an ally full of great and colorful personalities, some which caused trouble and annoyance but some who made me smile again and again. I completely understand why AFK quit, he was the man keeping all of it together. Dealing with all the drama and stupid shit can drive you nuts, but also the responsibility of this kind of alliance is a huge burden. On top of that you had a crazy account..

    AFK also recruited me to the def-team. I did some work, mostly in the beginning, but after the year turned to 2021 I was getting increasingly pressured with my studies, so I became more and more inactive in the management department. It was a pleasure working with this team, everything flowed almost perfectly, and the overall atmosphere in the management was really friendly inside IKEA. Working with Duat was mostly easy as well. Not many mistakes, defcalls were handled left right and centre with a work-rhythm normal player can dream of. To all the fellow green guys, huge thanks, you know exactly what we did. And of course, huge thanks to GoNu for your tools, bots, chatting, advice; you are a wizard : ) .

    Coordination with scouting worked well most of the server. Moxxi, natiri, Loffe, Amar etc… each of you did ton of work on scouting, even if someone burned out towards the end scouts were still running. Thank you.


    I had never participated in something like this in my fairly short travian career. The level of planning and brain energy put into these was extraordinary. Really good op’s, everyone knows it. We teared down the zerg like it was nothing. I actually enjoyed sitting in front of my pc for many many hours until the wee hours of the night sending them. Like for many others, ops are for me the best part of the game.


    Huge disappointment for me. Coming into the server I thought GOATS were going to be a really strong meta, but it soon turned out after #Justice4Pax to be false. I don’t understand what was the point of your op’s, going on feeders etc. Also I don’t understand your trainer rotations, small boots idle, solo walling. On top of that most of your accs were pretty poor, but I’d say the management was the bigger issue. Atleast you pressured us with attacks most of the server, that was defteam’s primary employer. Props to xtased for a big hammer, even if you hoarded all the def in your ally..

    Rest of the zerg:

    You did better than GOATS, but I still cannot say you did well. You struggled with the basics too. I don’t know if that is because you’ve never had to think about stuff much because you are used to beating enemies with a massive account count. Giving out GZ/unique area control, not planning BP’s, leader-acc hoarding many artifacts just to secure hammers, not having proper scout accounts in a big premade to name a few problems. Also your op’s: our acc never had incomings on hammers. We had had UT and LT many times few over 1k pop villages clearly looking like off-villages, but for some reason you thought our acc would only have one small hammer... If you targeted us instead of Gunners, Nordics could have been surely weakened. You just let our hammers and def grow in peace. But I understand it is hard to lead such massive alliances, thanks for keeping it together till the end.

    + top kek Snake Plissken for his comments about EG and thanks to 1qaz for completely delusional views on everything, gave me a lot to laugh at. And also oasis on WW 8) .


    You atleast did a lot better than anyone in the zerg. Sadly we didn’t get to attack you because of the zerg. Would have been an interesting to know how well you would have been able to keep up with us.

    About KLUBBSPORRE (me, Havocc, Romppa and Karppi)


    Roman_Numerals_6.png KLUBBSPORRE 1.621.068

    Gold bought: 69640

    I think we did pretty well considering the fact that we were voted the biggest alcoholics in IKEA. We came into the server with only two techs. I had never used techs and was used to microraiding a lot. This time troops mostly sat in a diet fed by the techs. We were in the first 7 to settle v2 thanks to havocc and romppa opening their wallet for the 2nd glad helm on the server. We simmed hard until artifacts (maybe top15 pop) and then quit cold turkey. Like everyone else operation #Justice4Pax slowed us down a little when we had to start queueing hammer early. Fields we eventually got to lvl 19 10 days before artifacts and there they stayed until the rest of the server. Using techs was new for us, and we had little benefit from them before artifacts, because our techs were in IKEA.

    We were at first in LT rotation, and then we moved on to UT rotation later. We were queueing 4 hammers at first but decided to drop starter hammer after walling it. After that our hammers kept growing pretty nicely at first, even if we were using them in ops, since time and time again we hit empty targets. We were floating around 800-900k offtroops when we started to struggle with res. No walls were found. Thankfully quite soon d200 came and we got to move our troops to WW with ¼ consumption, and we managed to push out more. I think at max we had 990k troops right before we walled on xtased train. After that we kept growing the two hammers, waiting patiently for OC’s to tell us where to use them. In the end we didn’t get a target before zerg used all of their hammers, so we were left with 900k off unused... first Havocc sent 17 hammer to clean natar WW, which we got memed for. Then we sent it to goats WW. Then Havocc wanted to fulfill his promise of cataing KURA capital. I thought he was just joking about it, but one day I was out for 5 hours, and when I came back I saw that hammer was 1h away from hitting KURA. Small shitstorm came, KURA players got obviously a bit angry, and result we got half-jokingly removed from the ally. Then we joined Duat as refugees and hit Thoth capital to wall the hammer.

    Thanks to these crazy mofo’s that played with me and paid for the shit. It was a fun time, good chats and toxic jokes. And also thanks to Shut (MINNEN) and Just4Fun (STORSINT) for being awesome techs : ) . And thanks to Karppi, our very own ”Steffe” Stenfors for really “positive” input and feedback, and provoking on IKEA discord :D .

    Here are links to our hits if someone’s interested:

    99 (starter hammer): Bitly

    16: Bitly

    17: Travian :: logger

    08 (main): Travian :: logger

    Screenshot of troops before xtased wall (d205): Screenshot - 21dc2134de43a46cf5837b298835b0fb - Gyazo

    I want to thank everyone in IKEA and Duat for this amazing victory. We came into the server just for fun, and ended up winning.

    Some personal notes and thanks to those I didn’t mention earlier:

    Hemoz (KORNSNÖ): Best meme ElNegro. You pretty much saved the situation on our ally’s most important acc KORNSNÖ after AFK quit and Kalkkuna disappeared. Thank you. You have really good ideas and thoughts, but your interaction methods could be improved : ) . Thanks for a lot of laughs tho.

    Tempest & petrn (ALGOT): Saved the day by sitting the WW during the night. Tempest is a big teamplayer, a lot of work done for the team. And hats off to a nice off account to both of you!

    Raymon: You probably have the best gamesense I have witnessed in this game. Perfect op’s and fantastic accounts (Gothmog too on N4). I never had any trouble with communicating with you, but I really did not like your attitude towards others. It isn’t a very leader-like thing to call everyone the r-word when they fuck up. And fuckups also happened on your end, which made you look like a hypocrite when you couldn’t handle the heat back.

    Loffe: Nothing but praise for this chipmunk . Easy to work with, nice dude and most of all such hardworking guy on acc and in the management. I don’t know if you are quitting but definitely would like to play in your alliance sometime : ) .

    Zimpero (IDALINNEA): Stay one round sober and calm and you would probably be the best player in the team. Thanks for recommending me to AFK originally.

    Jimb00 (BLÅHAJ): King Jimbo. Good op’s.

    Keisari, miks, Weeder (KURA): Towards the end you played better and better, nice hits. Sometimes your attitude was not good. You got heated for little details and we had to cover for your f**kup after first zerg ops to us. Many times, you had problems about little things in trainer rotations as well. And tbh I don’t understand why you got so heated when Havocc catad your capital. Server was already over, so it didn’t matter. But anyway, thanks to you for sitting us a few times in the midgame and a thanks to miks for some chats : ) .

    All the defplayers that sent actively, you know who you are. You played amazing and worked really hard. Wouldn’t have been possible without you.

    Would be fun to hear stories from other perspectives, like the zerg for example.

    P.S. picture of HEJAREN queueing for us while we all 4 on our acc are drunk shitchatting in discord

    Screenshot - 6013c3e50ff6bfe3aec5f4c3cb6f062d - Gyazo