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    will the forums be gone at all and in the end only discord? If that is the case its a horrible decision. Forums are way more organized with the information you are searching, discord is a nice addition but shouldnt replace the forums.

    Gaul is good for defensive players with limited time and you get attacked significantly less as a gaul because of fear for traps. Gaul mobile anvils is a fun playstyle with druidriders.

    Also gauls their strength is jack of all trades, you can play more agressive than egypts. While its true huns are fast, huns cant make defense well and are not suitable for new players or players with low time requirement.

    I do agree if you can sim peacefully romans are better mid/ lategame, however if you are in a active area, the lower costs of gauls in offense and defense is signifcant (as a roman you can be overwhelmed by teutons in the beginning). Lastly praetorians are slow, static defense is boring playstyle imo.

    so pros gauls:

    good mix of defense/ offense units

    fast units

    druid riders for mobile anvils

    you will get attacked significantly less and if attacked 1,5 cranny's help.

    fast merchants (really helps with settling further away)

    can build defense in stables/ barracks (romans cant do this)


    Weak lategame hammer

    no double build like romans

    no extra resources like egypts

    no early farming like teutons

    not as agressive as huns

    Hi thank you for your quick answer as always. I really have to give credits to you for answering everyone's questions here on the forum. I played a lot of online game where you dont get any reply from the moderators. So my big thanks to you. Enjoy your day!

    (on topic, i think x2 is perfect for a solo player, doesnt go slow but not to fast enough either, with x3 i already got catapulted at the end of the first week)

    Hi, i was wondering which server speed is best for low time requirement solo player?

    i've played x1, but i think it takes to long. 3/4th year?!

    Am now playing on a x2 server, i like it, players do get bigger than me, but it progresses normally. Also tried a x3 server a week, but it seems the differences between active and non active players become really big. (active players have 5 villages in 1 week, week 1).

    Whats your thought on this guys? (Whats also a fun speed to play)

    I was rank 3 climbing medal with a 15 cropper as my starting village in week 3 as gaul last week (speed server x2) and this week i play tested was 4th with my 2nd village speed server x3 as roman in week 2. Both without extra gold and just with simming.

    General understandings for fast 2nd village:

    - Start literally 1 second in when new server starts

    - Have a efficient build order for fields/ quests and buildings

    - You need max resources and max culture points

    - Do you have a lot of time? Go farm oasis/ inactives with troops. If not focus on simming (only build buildings/ level up resource fields is what i do).

    - Accept that accounts with 4 people and unlimited gold beat you in having a 2nd village (they can get it in less than 24 hours)

    - Nothing is set in stone, i cant state level up all fields to level 5, because the resources you have vary, sometimes you can level up to level even to fields to 6/7 or 8, everytime think yourself whats most efficient next move! :)

    0. Introduction:

    I simmed my way to fast 2nd village 2x this month without gold. (top 10 2x times). I focus on fields first, then on main building, have my warehouse/ granary high enough so when i sleep they wont be full. And set my alarm everytime i can make a building/ resource field. When i have almost enough culture points to settle my 2nd village i make sure i have my 3 settlers ready.

    On what to spend your free gold?

    - On 25% production (lumber/ clay/ iron)

    - travian plus 2x build queue

    - Instabuild the first day on longer taking resource fields and buildings for quest giver. (if you have unlimited gold you spend it on everything untill you have no resources left and have to wait)

    - The next day when i wake up also insta build.

    - Couple days in on long taking buildings like Main building / academy level 10/ high level resource fields

    - Helmet of the gladiator (50+ culture points every day)!

    1. Build order

    - Level up fields atleast till level 5 for simming/ level up to level 3 when you farm with troops/ (if roman because of double build focus on main building first, warehouse, granary and high culture points buildings)

    - Main building only effects faster build buildings, not fields, thats why you focus on fields only in the beginning.

    - Wait with level up fields/ buildings if they dont give more resources with quest giver

    - set everyttime a alarm on phone when you can build a resource field/ building

    - When you go to bed, make sure to build the longest taking buildings.

    - The moment you think you can start making settlers (1 in 6 hours) and make them 18 hours before you have enough culture points for your 2nd village, stop leveling up buildings/ production and focus on making settlers (dont forget you need 750 resources of all)

    2. Max resources:

    - Farming oasis with hero/ troops

    - Farming natars

    - Farming inactives when beginner protection is gone

    - Highest resource fields gives most resources till level 8. Calculate, if i level up to level 9 it takes around 3,5 days to to get your invested resources back (if only 3 days left, better invest that in buildings for population if you want the climbing medal)

    3. Max culture Points

    - buy helmet of the gladiator, it gives daily extra culture points we need for our 2nd village, even if it costs 3000 silver, buy it, because it gives such an advantagem

    - On speed servers hold celebrations in (need townhall)

    - Max out efficient culture point buildings in every village:

    Main building lvl 12
    Marketplace 7/12 - if you have res go for 12 (gives a solid reward)
    Rally point 1
    Wall 1
    Granary 7
    Grain Mill 1
    Warehouse 7/8 - build level 8 for celebrations
    Barracks 3
    Cranny 10 + 7 other crannies level 3
    Academy 10
    Smithy 3
    Stable 3
    Embassy 1/3
    Town Hall 1
    Residence 10

    4. What to do on start:

    Hero full strength. Raid surrounding oases.
    Time big oases to hero level up ( i.e. hero attacks oases, barely survives, you complete some quests and take reward - hero levels up and get 100% health)

    Find book. Find your horse (important, to be fast with oases)

    Level up hero to level 7-9. Use book and convert all points into resources.

    Farms and mines - levels 4-5. Depending on your success with clearing oases.

    Make 1-2 celebrations. That should be enough.

    Time to do it if you don't miss anything and are lucky with oases - within 2 days from start.

    (if any questions feel free to ask, Wodan)

    I am not sure what's the case exactly but I would often see people with less pop that started earlier than me having more points in top 10 which does not make sense at all so I was just asuming how it could work. Also when you have the same pop as someone else in the current statistics then the player with earlier registration will be above you.

    That feels so counterintuitive, but thnx for the explanation both of you :)

    I cant buy gold I can be online along most of day I havent any friends at game I'm alone I didnt play a travian account more than 2-3 weeks do you have any advice for me ?

    Cant I have a good power without gold and friend ?

    I agree with moderator achtung. I also started playing last week without gold and no friends and am now in a active alliance with discord.

    You can choose either gauls (my recommendation) or romans.

    Gauls are really safe in the beginning and to intercept attackers with druid riders/ phalanx is fun.

    If you have a bit more experience you can try romans, double build is really nice, but you are more vulnerable as romans in the beginning compared to gauls. (big disadvantage for me as romans is the slow defensive unit).

    Hello :), region doesnt really matter, just watch the first week and try not to be inbetween the biggest alliance of the server if you cant join them. A tip is to build your second village just outside the spawning area, so you can build peacefully, while still having some action (be prepared to lose your first village if its inbetween big players, thats ok, focus on your main capital further away)

    With building your village, try to get resource fields up till 5-6 (Lumber/ clay iron/ wheat in 10/12/8/6 order. if you've done that, watch which buildings give resources back from quests, since buildings give alot of culture points which is needed for settling your 2nd village.

    Without gold and for new people i recommend with your hero to put 1 in attack and 3 in resources everytime you level (attack is needed so you dont take to much damage from quests). I watch oasis around me and see if i can kill some animals like 8 rats. A tip, you get full health everytime you level up after killing animals/ troops with your hero or doing quests from the questgiver.

    (Clearing oasis without using gold, like replenishing healthpoints (ointments), giving extra xp to hero (scrolls), cages to capture animals etc is really hard)

    Good luck :)

    for example when start server you chose gaul and you thought you could do better with romans or you chose romans and you thought gauls was better for you

    Yes i regretted to play romans the last time i played (slow defense and expensive offense troops in the beginning) ->

    Romans look really convenient with double build, but they dont have mobile defense ( love druid riders).

    In the beginning with all the action roman troops are expensive and you have less defensive options compared to gaul (1,5x cranny's/ trappers).

    Lastly as a soloplayer, growing so hard as a roman, results in having 15+ villages feels like having a daily chore mid/lategame instead of enjoying the game (as a gaul i queue 1 thing and build troops instead of simming).

    I play gaul now, i love everything about the tribe, low offense costs, quick defense, but i do miss double build the romans have (wouldnt recommend gaul without travian plus for double queue time).

    If you have a lot of time and want to go offensive i would recommend teutons since they are strong in the beginning, but not haveing good farms around can be frustrating.

    (I dont have experience with huns or egyptians)

    I agree with Moderator achtung. I have been in the same spot as you last week. Im also a player without gold and playing gaul. I took a 15 cropper 100% oasis bonus, but can really recommend to take 9 cropper with high oasis bonus without gold (see table below), since it slows down your growth. (At the moment my wheat fields are lvl 4-5 while my 1xclay, 1x iron and 1x lumber are 11+)

    Only if you plan to make a big offensive hammer you should go for a 15 cropper.

    I calculated wheat differences:

    9c 25% =11,25 (wheat)

    9c 50% =13,50

    6c 150%= 15

    15c 0% =15

    9c 75% =15,75

    7c x 150%= 17,5 (even a 7c 150% oasis bonus gives more than a 15c non bonus or a 9 cropper with 75% bonus or less)

    9c 100% =18

    15c 25% =18,75

    9c 125% =20,25

    9c 150% =22,5

    15c 50% =22,5

    15c 75% =26,25

    15c 100%=30

    When people are deleting you suddenly move less ranks or something and people with less pop that started earlier can be higher in the top 10 for medal.

    Thank you for your quick reply. Above sounds a bit weird to me. If people are deleting, aren't both players the one who started early on monday and the one who started later both affected if a player deletes? (my reasoning was to start a bit later, so you can surpass more players, but im wrong then?)

    I am objective, cant you read? The first sentence was that i even agreed with you that gold is negatively impacting the game. You keep changing the subject, the discussion is about the adds and not about gold in this topic (which is i say it for the 3d time an issue on the playerbase).

    You are not objective for not wanting to acknowledge that travian could sell gold, but it shouldnt be able to use as pay to win as examples like cs go and leauge of legends. So brushing it of as a rent on a house is tunnelvisioned.

    You know very well, this game is not played without gold. Gold is always the biggest advantage. It is impossible not to see that an unfair government exists. Also, the "multi-account" problem is still too much.

    What you are doing now is coming with other bad mechanisms we all probably agree on. As i already said, just because you can name other negative mechanisms in this game, doesnt negate the issue with the adds, because Old Swashbuckler has a valid point on the adds i also noticed after a week playing as a returning player.

    "game is not played without gold". well i disagree on this, travian should learn from League of legends or CS go, both games have nothing in it which is pay to win, thats why after all these years these games are still popular in contrary to travian which has a huge decline in playerbase.