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    Do we always have to have one of these talentless gonks every server that spikes tiny villages to gain a few hero point offa raiders ? do we ? . It's just a mild irritation and is fairly easy to spot who is doing it for reference later in game muhahaha, until then please go and have a wash , change your yellow stained underwear and put some deodorant on FFS because that is the stereotypical profile of a spiker.:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    Some totally jaw dropping hammers there from GoT mega well done. For me if I have enjoyed the game then win lose or draw it don't matter, and both Kyle and myself have enjoyed this server tremendously <3 Boxxx

    I think we have had four or five hammers over 100k <3 Boxxx

    TNC from UK1, great defence based alliance, certainly gave TSL the defence support they needed.
    Fantastically friendly team of players with supportive leadership, should of won a server, but FOX meta'd up the north , to steal the crown, whilst we were fighting The Exiles.
    TE, another good UK alliance, could do with some competition for GOT on the forthcoming UK3, unless AA show up, probably the most formidable ally on the UK domain.

    If San is playing AA should be unstoppable . My fave server btw was the one we played as BOOM, way off the win but such a fun server, back in the day when people played in the 1000s

    Hey it's 05:47 ? I got up early for this, now I am going to look like shit all day, I will have to go to beauty therapist now and GoT are paying !!!

    Our spear hammer is on standby, fully fuelled up with cheese and onion fighting crisps , ciggies and moonshine, just point us in the right direction and we're off. grrrrr

    Nice rammer off The Mountain, I hear rumblings from far far away, squeaking catapult wheels, clanking of swords, thudding of clubs, could this be the end of the endgame ?

    When do classes reopen? Word in the classroom is the tutor was naughty.

    Not allowed to speak, or complain, or disagree. Am allowed to not spend money on a joke of a game though. This info will cost you one prozzy please

    Years later he still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And him, the 8-year-old boy, who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever...

    The boy was a very young BOXXX who up until that very moment had been galloping around the the village on his pretend cardboard TK gleefully setting fire to his neighbours houses and children. Mrs BOXXX (AKA Mummy BOXXX) screeched "what do you think you are doing you stupid little tool?" she was very angry as BOXXX had also burnt her special war knickers and she had nothing to go out in now. "I am a Teuton I am a Teuton" declared the young but extremely handsome young boy, " whazza frigging Teuton you div" said Mummy Boxxx as she brutally clubbed him in the nads and threw him into the cellar as punishment for ruining her village and pants. It was then that young beautiful BOXXX noticed that there in the corner of the dank cellar was what was the greatest treasure know to mankind......... vodka ciggies and crisps and Travian. He knew that from that moment on his life would never be the same