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    I’ll post screenshots when we eventually get to the stage of being able to put them straight in rather than having to upload them to a third party site first. When I click the picture icon I get a request for “source” but no option to put anything sensible in it.

    I’ve got the html icon on iPad, guessing it’s just phone that it doesn’t work on?

    Lemon The box at the top left that used to be for BB code now says HTML but does the same thing.


    I can’t send screen shots but if you try editing a post in html code using the box as per above then click preview, you will see what I mean.

    When editing posts, the preview option doesn't seem to be showing the changes. Is this a bug or is it just me doing something wrong? (I should point out this bug is only happening when working in the HTML code option)

    Having a discussion about play style and the interesting stats it throws up doesn't make people whingers and cryers, though it amuses me that the players who brazenly use these tactics, thereby losing respect, are the ones shouting loudest about how upset people are.

    Here is a nice bit of vintage Smiths for @Norre though to cheer him up this lovely Autumn morning :)

    It seems you can't post statistics from the server anymore without the moderators disabling them.

    For anyone who can't access the server, here are our top attackers and raiders at the end of day one.

    No. Player(s) Resources Attack Points
    1. Yung Ket 29118 174
    2. Stormfront 28124 211
    3. Inferno 26435 110
    4. Enter the Maze 25124 191
    5. Mimer 23492 14
    6. Coldy 23070 112
    7. Admiral Ackbar 21864 104
    8. WookieeLeaks 21178 82
    9. Posejdon 20318 53
    10. Woman of Color 19405 36

    Glad to see we agree.. ;)

    ..unlike the start times..

    I’m not an employee of TG, just a player who has maintained the UK HoF when nobody else did and I had to fight long and hard just to be allowed to do that when it was fast going down the drain. When I say “we” I mean myself and the other volunteers who have come forward with offers to help on the HoF on the new domain.

    In case you didn’t realise, I did the UK HoF for nothing, I didn’t even get the free gold the MODs get. When I did, briefly, work for TG as a volunteer I was very quickly made to realise that opinions that back the community over the company aren’t welcome.

    Sorry, I don’t get any influence over anything. Wish I did :(

    ^^ This.. We are already being ignored on start time/arty drop times.. All the "old" domains should be archived, and a new one started for the merged servers..

    I don’t think it was ever a case of US or AU being ignored, just that UK already has overall comparison records for servers and end game hammers but AU and US don’t. The question was whether to use those as a starting point to give everyone something to beat, or to start from scratch.

    My preference would be to start over as the game has changed so much anyway over the past few years, this server merge seems the ideal opportunity to do so, but we felt that it was important that the community be given the choice.

    Keeping the ukx hof up to date would have required someone with the interest and time to do it. I play slow servers, it takes me roughly 6 hours work to update the HoF each time a server finishes, and that doesn’t include the work that I put in to set up all the templates and tracking spreadsheets or that Bloated Fish put in before me.

    If someone would like to volunteer to record the speed servers, that would be brilliant. I’m happy to share templates and spreadsheets.

    It’s a lot more visually intense. The old reports were cleaner and easier to look at. These need sifting through the murk of images to find the important stuff. I understand the need to make them look more in line with the new “corporate” graphics, but to me, it’s still an indication of TG still not understanding their player base. We are intelligent people capable of reading data, we don’t need crayons to colour in.

    I also understand that they weren’t able to contact people running tools that as players we find fundamental to the game, but which TG left to be run outside of their sphere of management, assuming, no doubt, that the hardcore fans who set them up would be willing to run them forever for free. Why they didn’t take these tools and put them under the TG umbrella years ago is beyond me, perhaps if they had, one change to the visuals of one of the most key parts of the game wouldn’t have written off some of the tools that we, as players, know are integral to it, without planning for their replacement.