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    so there you go.. free at last.. you win .. we lied.. we are horrible people.. and we have a special VIP suite in hell for us..fuf

    finally, now I can continue simming without a problem and fight with a real enemy NATARS! :nat04:

    I hope my VIP suite has some girls too (I like big onee-sama ;))

    On the issue of DeI SW members asking to join GoT, we have suffered no defections so far. We have seen no evidence of attempted defections.

    Because they cant join us for simple reason, because we dont have free space anymore and it was already decided no more new players. I quess only thing that will happen in near future is either people start deleting or just struggle to the end or my best bet they join other alliance in some other quad :/ (I would do that to survive atleast to endgame).

    Y'all Del SW folks need to upgrade your rally points. Double shot is nice.

    They didnt recieve enough res push me thinks. I wonder will there be players deleting yet or not or Amer will take my 20€, please help :(

    Not gonna say its bad but I think res push are need for few thing 1. for settling to get 15c faster 2. when some1 got attacked or are ready to be attacked to lvl up wall levels 3. WW

    if you gonna demand alliance to support you with res push for sill reasons like making an early hammer then you either wont play long or dont know how to make res yourself

    just my opinion I dont need mad p*****s on me :*

    I dont know one thing... you guys(not all, but most of got) hate us, and try to convince others to hate us, or you want to hate us and try from all your power to convince yourself, that you hate us... maybe time will solve this issues:))

    I dont hate no one at all, I just troll around here and try to get cheap +1 points from anybody :*

    I´m know in GoT as noob player so I must stand out or else people will forget about me.

    I know it was not meant for me, but the thing is you didnt show the whole picture, because the rank can be raised with:

    1. Bounty won:

    2. Incoming trading volume:

    3. Production:

    negative factors does involve too

    1. Bounty lost:

    2. Outgoing trading volume:

    also you can easily change the numbers with F12 on chrome ;), but I´m not accousing you for that.

    Just show the whole picture please :)

    Legend says that when Jon Snow joined Night's Watch he turned black not only outside but inside aswell ^^

    and put spy account on every quadrans

    how do you know about all this, I´m sure you use same tactic if you know that secret :/

    a player who can attack other players just on forums

    I´m scared of him now myself too, does he use magical BLACK powers?=O, how you protect yourself from such a powerful person?

    Imagine - a lesson in management... All fiction of course...

    Can some one summerize it, I couldnt read that much :sleeping:.

    I was wondering when will DeI Sw main player or agressors delete themselves. I mean they do know they are kinda PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS up situations where they can only do early bullying like in some middle school boys. Are there any plans to actually win the server aswell like building a WW.

    whatever the future plan please remember, it´s just a GAME, dont make it a drama altough I like korean drama series ;)

    sry for mein bad engrish :P

    GoT leaders declare it(war) first ... after some talks that where ignored( from my view fail) .

    I didnt recieve any letters, I´m one of the Leaders aswell, if I´m not in the ally yet dosent mean you have to be so mean and dont tell me anything. But fun fact is that I declared war againts GoT as a joke in first day forming SoS alliance ?(, people took this joke too far I think.

    Shhhhh.... dont tell anybody about that secret on how GoT always wins. It´s because one player, he is so cool, handsome, young, hardworking and ofcourse generous person 8).

    It´s ofcourse ME aka Viktor. I have obtained secrets like: How to be a farm and still get medal of Robbers of the week, real life experince, how to donate millions and still be a scary player that no one dares to attack during whole server (true story). But past two servers I´m being doing a such a miracle and donated into alliance over 100 millions of resources.

    So you ask why you keep losing? Start looking for player who donates 8o

    Army who cares, big populations who cares about that, number that are seen on Contributors of all Time thats what matters and thats why it must be on HoF :thumbup:

    Mully is the one person who dislikes donations, I advise you to send him regular raids ;) so that he must donate something in order to not give away resources , he is pain in the backside for me too X(

    Look forward to some good reports

    I dont know did he planned to take arty or he was just little bit too excited to attack such a noob (master of donations;)) player like me :/

    please attack WW my defence is in there :)

    I´m happy to see another person that loves to donate :thumbsup:. Let me join in you alliance, here people make fun of me all the time ;(

    But I´ll make sure to beat that 150 mil next server.