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    Pro tip is to not read this forums thread, like seriously its getting worse and worse. ::|

    If you want tips just ask any pro player with high pop or good raider (check top 10), be humble with what you ask and if you are good fellow he will give some advice on how either not being a farm or if lucky help you get into alliance.

    Make a few hundreds good offencive troops best if cavalry 500+ is good enough, and start raiding oasis next to you, preferable iron or clay ones since they mostly have rats.

    You´ll get into top 10 Attackers of the week very easy and hero will thank you for all the experience that he will have. Funny thing is that it works either your offensive (even better) or if you are humble defender but you´ll have a solid 40-50 level hero ready before arty time. Did I mention you can brag about your offensive points as well, some people might even wonder what massive hammer you have and be scared of you but in reality you are just a weak player. Start doing this as early as possible I usually start doing it 4-5 week.

    works for me... :nope:

    Victor Von Doom