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    True. I remember back in the days on UK/US-servers when you reinforced your friends and MH banned you for not playing for your own benefit.

    Luckily i found the swedish servers where it was okay to help your friends

    I can't say i've ever came across that, the UK MH's in my experience only used that rule for resource pushing early on servers. I think you are the first person i've come across to be banned when it came to troops.

    Scout accs play for alliance benefit. And this rule has already been debated a lot...

    So tell me this then, of you play as a def acc, why do you send def to others?

    Surely you have to play for your own benefit, right?!

    This is the point i've been making all along mate, you guys are used to playing under different rules to the UK/US players. It will take a couple of servers for them to catch up.

    Friend? Ally? Bro? Pick whatever word you want :)

    Scout accounts hasn't been allowed on UK-servers? Sounds very likely :D

    • § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    It's hard to believe a single village account on day 50 is being played for it's own benefit.

    I have to say it's quite funny how you think that Bifrost has to be cheating to be at "this level", meaning quite an average level. I feel sorry for you that you never played on a Finnish server 10 years ago, you would have seen that any decent player would be at 7 villages at this point.

    I am well aware of how travian is played on different domains. I was just making the point that you guys have been doing this for years, the UK/US/AU guys haven't. so of course it's going to take several servers for them to catch up.

    I think a lot of us lost heart when Lemon told us how much money some players were spending on the game. There is zero chance that TG is going to upset that applecart.

    I think both points made in the opening post have a lot of merit. I would certainly prefer 3 accounts with 3 duals on each in my alliance rather than 1 account with 9 duals. More accounts make for a better game, and of course more revenue for the game developer.

    I would also support the second point regarding farm lists, but only for the first month. I think that would give newbies a far better chance of establishing themselves than they have now. As someone else posted most of us started on T2 or T3 servers where farming had to be done manually. Newbies still got attacked but on nowhere near the scale it happens now. I would cite as an example a single village UK3 account i saw recently, only a few weeks into server and the account had 155 incoming attacks. Removing farm lists for the first month would effectively revert back to T3 rules for that period of time, which would give the newbies now the chance we all had. And T3 was by far the most successful version of travian ever in terms of player retention.

    Another idea that has been floating around the UK domain lately would be the introduction of a feature that would allow the MH to impose a restriction on any account which shows signs of suspicious behaviour. For example, accounts which are being logged into frequently but which are losing horrendous amounts of res to raids, and are making no effort to cranny up etc. This restriction could be limiting all raids on that account to the same level as raiding accounts within your own alliance. This would have very little effect on the micro raiders and would protect the integrity of the team aspect of the game. And of course the MH could remove the restriction should the suspicious behaviour cease.

    Again, she didn't say anything about cheating levels on UK. Yet everyone on the UK domain are quick to say that everyone on .com cheats and multies... I've been playing on .com for 13 years, and guess what, it's just not true.

    No one has said that everyone on .com cheats and multi's. You simply made that up to fit your agenda. That's disappointing.

    What we have said throughout this thread is that cheating is far more widespread on .com servers. I've played both and i'm speaking from experience here. The UK domain has simply never had the culture of cheating that the .com domain has. And the reason for that is that the rules are far more rigorously enforced here.

    in what i've read, she basically is saying to uk community to get of their high horse and see that there's proportionally as much cheating on uk as it is on tourney and .com which most of the uk communitiy are putting in the same bag. Difference is only in the number of accounts playing servers. Of course there will be more cheating and bending rules on .com and tourney, but thats just due to the larger base of players playing. I dont know, maybe thats just me saying it actually :thumbup:

    and we, as the people who have actually been playing the UK domain for the last 11 years, are saying that this is completely wrong. As i said in a previous post, we had a CM who ran a very tight ship. I played more than my share of com servers over the years too and there is simply no comparison between the two regarding how the rules were applied.

    ELE seems to have taken a real dislike to the UK community.