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    Battle 1 is The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.
    The Teutons ambushed the Romans.
    Year 9AD (approx)
    Germania, Lower Saxony.
    Teutons won.

    Battle 2 is The Siege of Alesia.
    The Romans attacking the Gauls.
    Year 52BC
    Gaul (France).
    The Romans won.

    Tiny Clanger TS19 Path to Pandora

    So, we have a Roman Senator controlling a village full of Hun troops .....
    So, i'm thinking maybe we have all five tribes playing (Gaul, Roman, Hun, Egyptian, Teuton) .... you start as one tribe, but any village you chief will stay as the tribe you chief it from? (buildings stay the same and you can only train troops from that tribe in that village?)

    Then once you have a village of a tribe, you can settle a new village of that tribe?

    Tiny Clanger