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    Well played everyone!
    As always, there is an end of server awards section to finish the game on a good bit of banter xD. The classic categories are as below:

    IGN (single or dual-account):
    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Best Player on the Server:
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Best Opponent:
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Best Leader (Your own):
    Best Leader (Not your own):
    Stupidest Decision:
    Most Underrated:
    Best Noob:
    Most Overrated:
    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Soundtrack to your server:


    so I will start:

    IGN (single or dual-account): Thesssssupdude - single account
    Your Set-up and Achievements: building an HoF WWK with biggest number of catas on server.
    Alliance: GoT
    Best Alliance (Not your own): TFSC
    Best Player on the Server: Umar / Drogon
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Umar / drogon - made 2 insane HoF hammers, one with 180k+ axes and one with 300k+ clubs
    Best Opponent: Sir Lemur - nice competition. Even though he did not know it i always compared between both our cata numbers as we were pretty tied until his cata ques with small trainer ran out.
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: sk / Darkness - huge congratz for getting over 1.7 mil def points, the new def point system really helps with giving the deffers the respect that they deserve.
    Best Leader (Your own): If we include fake leaders then Amer xD
    Best Leader (Not your own): Salesman
    Stupidest Decision: Joining this server xD RIP studies...
    Most Underrated: TFSC
    Best Noob: Jamildo2 - DEFINITELY! on 20/1/18 there was an op on Macey's capital. The reports explain themselves. He sent 2 fakes followed by the real wave with 700+ catas. I think what he meant to do is firstly, time the clearer to land before the other waves. secondly, not send fakes on the catting waves, thirdly send 4 waves intead of 3, and fourthly send 200-400 catas instead of 700. report attached below.
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Most Overrated: Goldenboy, i expected i bigger hammer off him... but tied very closely with goldenboy are Nemris as i expected something bigger off them as well...
    Memorable Moment of the server: My WWK hitting: Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Soundtrack to your server:

    Well hopefully not GoT if we keep the same performance rate as on this server.
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me out this server b4 the server ends. So i want to thank all of GoT alliance for firstly accepting us with warmth and for making our server enjoyable, and secondly for supplying us with resources and artis throughout the server. Most of all i would like to thank gene! Without her we could not have built the wwk we have built. So thank you everyone!
    Less than 2 hrs till server finishes, so lets get that end of server thread up sometime soon XD

    Lmao nick idc about my troops now xD i just threw some on u and i killed 15k worth troops there... these were my troops left AFTER i sent my wwk on swm... in case u missed report its in the footer... but u wont be impressed by it as u don't have the iq to appreciate it

    Lol idk how u have the ballz to say someone else is running anything badly xD. Anyways im not bothered to argue with u now. If u were so not bothered about this server then u woukd not bother to be on forum atm, which u clearly are so it gets to u xD that u got rekt and humiliated by us... cya later

    Why ? I mean ... why bother... most players have already left the server..... we are all just going through the motions... and yet your still bragging .. and still just showing the level of maturity on a scale of 1-10 .... you being 0
    iv said well done.. congrats.. and your still... just boring the forums...

    as for you ... IQ -2 .... act like a man... not "the boy" that you still appear to be.

    the only thing that nick and Roo said to you guys is ... NO .. we will not be your patsies.. and if you want to continue to hate ... then go for it..

    iq -2 but i know the difference between your and you're... also i dont think ur aware that my iq is higher than urs... not that it's an achievement but yeah...