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    tbh if even 50% of these new members make it past artis I'll be amazed.

    smith... what the hell have you done ? ? ? i do not even know if your playing on the server.. if you are in fact smith..... in game.. then... again... what have you done ? lol

    and yawn for Fenaris... yes you know what i mean...

    if you want to know what Smith did he was our rock our main architect our ww builder the reason we are as well disciplined and dedicated to success every server. No Smith no GOT.

    If you want to have a yawn just think apart from building a 350k rammer that solo SMW wall a month ago i also had literally 5+ the amount of spears in my account that Nemris had alliance wide in your ww think about that :)

    no ... what i am saying.. is you already had it won.... well done.

    however.. anything that happened from 5 am onwards .. is pointless.. and just not worth shouting about... your hammers have not made a single difference to the outcome... so on a scale of 1-10..... ..... one being pointless... most of these hits are just showboating and pointless

    congrats... well done.. but pointless..

    pointless was the competition on this server y'all should be ashamed of the level of incompetence.

    im really really hoping to see a few decent hammers this time from swm cause if they keep sending these little baby 400k play hammers like Goldenboys joke of a hammer haha its a sad day indeed.

    Make sure it is an unbiased Poll please.. please don't try to influence the polls in anyway, make it truly democratic vote !!!!!! :saint::saint::saint::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    i love polls as well!!!! Yay what can we vote on that I'll decide wins? :whistling::D

    Perv alert! I'm picturing you as being the guy sat at the back of the cinema watching a dodgy film with his raincoat going up and down in front of him.

    man i wish i had a fancy raincoat but I'll stick to my relaxed fit moo moo thanks

    just out of curiosity, why send so many hammers? Two would have been enough to knock them below you but still above SWM if you’d sent a smaller follow in to the first, leaving you with two decent ones you could keep building for when you’ll need to knock SWM down again. Just seems a bit of pointless overkill??
    Btw, love the TT hammer from firefly :)

    I was! My old account is still there, simming away nicely thank you! I have an interest in the outcome (smiles sweetly)

    Hi Mercedes :) did you miss me??? cause damn i missed you baby

    TT Hammers for dayz over here girlfriend if you got it flaunt it i say haha

    correct all of the above your rammer was hilarious and alliance is weaker finally some sense

    but you dont have that much def as your alliance is noticeably weaker then GoT? see what i mean?