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    Comparing 4 chiefs to 4 full hammers. Damn...

    Notice how you also didn't comment on the comparison between ops.

    This is you, as a leader, trying to improve morale. I just hope you members read my replies and don't think "wow we're actually doing really well!"

    Well this will be a fun post to break down. You say we "spin" things, when in reality I dont think you guys actually know whats going on.

    Opti got done in by xxDrunkxx (lives up to the name ) being 7min late but still took out fields on the way through. xxDrunkxx then ran into a 50k wall due to being late.

    Even then, he still did damage to ExpiredMilk's lvl 15's...

    XxDrunkxX hit 2 level 15 fields down to lv13 in his first wave that splatted. Literally only 1776 could take that as a win haha!

    Want to know the best part about that attack? Your genius OC decided XxDrunkxX should split his hammer so sent 2k imps, 1k EC, 450 rams and 300 cata to 1 wave a supply village. Run a sim of the hit on Expired Milk's cap with the extra troops and let me know what happens. You wont like the outcome.

    Rotten took out the fields and storage of a feeder belonging Johnny OG. Considering how you guys talk up hitting feeders yourselves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Damn, what a hit! :O Rotten has a 19k imp 12k EI hammer that he has been hiding all server. Thanks for revealing it like that though.

    Last Pain reduced 4 lvl 16's Darrow had and then reduced a further 2 15's. Only ran into 2.5k spears (seems all your defense was too busy at ExpiredMilk...)

    I believe I cut the waves on his cap, why do you think he only reduced 6 fields? 4 fields 16 --> 5 and 2 fields from 15 --> 10 is a cap hit we can live with.

    Prior to all this The Grim ran all of these into a wall:

    You have eyes right? Those reports you posted literally show that The Grim didnt hit a wall. That is a desperate attempt to make your members feel better reading this hoping they dont read the reports.

    Nice try though.

    Our 'op' beforehand was even smaller and only had limited participation yet Snork's cap lost 12 wheat fields.

    Lost lv12 wheat fields like 5 days after you hit him the first time. You may as well have hit a supply village to be honest. You tried to make him delete but failed.

    Luckycharms lost a number of cap fields. Kerplunk had 8 17's reduced to below lvl 10. Johnny OG lost 8 wheat fields on his 9c cap. Miles was reduced to a hammer stand. Pancakes had 8 lvl 17 fields reduced a number of levels.

    Lucky Charms was a good move with the hero fakes. Miles should've dodged with his hammer, we would've walled both hammers anyway, he wasn't "reduced" to anything. Pancakes took out 2 hammers on his cap (Barca and Nocturne) in exchange for those 8 fields.

    So that was a nice little summary of your last 3 ops.

    Total cap hits: 4 (that's being generous and saying 8 fields is 0.5). You lost 5 hammers to do it.

    Our last op hit 1 cap, one before that hit 2, the one before that hit 4.5. Total: 7.5. We lost 1 hammer to do it.

    Thats not to mention hitting DaddyShark between ops with the boots, destroying his cap, making him waste his hammer and switch his cap. Or you losing hammers for no reason between ops (Yikes!, Ragnarok, Baldr, Evolution etc).

    That's not a "spin", that is a fact.

    I can do this all day long if you want, because you are not shown the full picture in 1776. Rocky is now your most knowledgeable member!

    Now run along and go tell your mates how you're trolling us all and its epic! Meanwhile, anyone reading this with non-tinted glasses will be really embarrassed for you and the rest of your alliance. Can I remind you that you theoretically should have 4x our defence and 4x our offence? Its how you use it I suppose.

    Yes, your counter arguments were "we don't care about feeders" (which is wrong as you always defend some feeders), and "we haven't only walled 4 hammers".

    You can get defence points from walling 90% of a hammer, but it doesn't count as you still lose the cap. Janobi, Baldur, Cuda101 and I'm sure you've walled a hammer somewhere else I can't remember. I'm sure you'll remember as you don't see defence reports where you lose...

    But nice to see you admit that you don't know what you're talking about!

    I just find it interesting how you all suddenly jumped at an opportunity to try use someone, anyone as a punching bag. I'll admit that gave me a chuckle.

    Your methods are boring though. That hasn't changed.

    Boring but effective it seems.

    Most caps hit on the server, most feeders hit on the server, highest defensive points per player, only splatted 4 hammers in all our ops put together (that must be lowest on the server too).

    Tell me again how we're not doing anything on the server...

    Even a spy couldn't help you. Rocky probably just wanted to make sure that he didn't get hit.

    See you again in a few days so we can show you again how we're doing nothing :)

    Are you sure the transcript didn't go:

    Q: We're getting our FLUFFY PINK UNICORN handed to us here, we need a spy in the 24 person alliance! Who's up for it?

    T: I'll do it.

    40 days later....

    T: We're still losing members and caps weekly whilst I can't keep building troops. My spying has been completely useless. Can I come back yet?

    Q: Okay, we need your 30k phalanx to make our defensive numbers look better!

    Yes, even BR sharing is working with.. Unless you want to call it what it really is, spying.. I was leaving that term off the table but leaking BR's and chats is one or the other, you can decide the term you wish to use..

    Hi. Message me on Skype and I'll show you 9 current TED/1776/1812 members who have given me battle reports or chat logs. I even counted them up just for you!

    I could then show you 2 different members in 1776/1812 who have defended against 1776/1812 hammers.

    Not a single one is a spy.

    You have made a team of past enemies who all hate eachother. One group gives us information on their previous enemy. Another group gives us information on a different previous enemy. They show us funny reports of the other group messing up and saying stupid stuff in your Skype chat.

    Will you kick, catapult and hound out every single one, calling them a spy and saying they worked with us all along? Or do you admit you're wrong?

    Nobody in Cereals has ever played American servers. How would we even know who Doggo and Inferno were before this server started? Inferno joined Bifrost because you're incompetent. Dogoo joined us because you kicked him. Those are facts and everyone seems to realise that other than you :(

    Maybe in your world partially quoting posts and saying something you consider funny is winning an argument, but here in the real world you have to actually say something to support your wild theory. Currently, were all just laughing at you and I feel sorry for you that you can't comprehend that :(

    Wait.. Inferno, Tiko both are playing for/with cereals and Bifrost..

    You don't gotta lie to kick it, homie..

    Only because of your leaderships (that includes you right?) ignorance and stupidity... An extra member here or there that have been kicked out of the enemy alliance is not a merge :D

    And there will be many more to come, don't you worry about that. Some are even incredibly obvious, defence points rise as your hammers splat and you don't even notice :(

    Not to be outdone by AR/RA, 1776 also just hit us with an op. It was of course another huge win for them! 3rd best op ever in a row! :O

    RIP Snork's cap fields again. You guys are really brave going for the same cap you smashed like 5 days ago...

    As for the rest of your hammers... Walling on supply villages must not be fun :(

    Breakskins you're such a noob at arguing. You need to finish them off earlier so it doesn't go on so long!

    Play your blue eyes White dragon card. aka odinloki_US walling whilst trying to clear an inactive farm with his main hammer (yes, this is his main hammer)

    Build some imps and come back and try again next week mate :)

    You sent a few heroes on Gusi. Was a good move.

    Stormfront's hammer village has been rebuilt and the hammer is almost back at the original size. Well done for holding on to a pointless village and wasting your CP though. You are a genius :O

    Smashing our feeders for fun haha! You average 100 axe and 60 cata loss per feeder by sending waves in the wrong order, and destroy 4 fields. I can't be bothered to work out which one loses more, but I bet it's incredibly close!

    Keep trying though, like I say we love watching it, provides a laugh just before the actual reals hit!