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    We're just whining and stocking some gold coupons for the future. Of course this won't help us to get a stable gameplay and reasonable prices.

    You're wrong about it. Gold prices in Turkish servers has also increased. You can't understand the increases if you compare with Euro.
    In 2012, 1 EURO = 2,3 Turkish Lira ( 49,99EU x 2,3 = 115 TL )
    In 2017 1 EURO = 4,55 TL ( 39,99EU x 4.55 = 182 TL )
    In addition to Euro prices, we have also gold selling in Turkish currency:

    Old Prices:

    New Prices:

    As you can see all of them has increased around 50% percent.
    By the way, minimum wage in Turkey is 1400 TL which is around 8 1600 gold package :S

    However, I can't understand one thing. Almost every month we had at least one 20% off in gold prices event. It means they still can get profit even though they sell it with 20% sale but now we have 50% increase for this prices. Lets calculate it together. For exp, my budget is 100 Turkish Lira every month so travian games earns 100 lira and provides 2x600 gold to me. When they had a sale, I can get 2x600 + 20% = 2x600 + 240(Free). So they're still getting profit even though they give away around 250 gold(25 TL) for free so It's mean that 25 TL was exactly profit for them. it's fair to say that 75 TL is a minimum profitable price for 2x600 gold. With new pricing list(50% increase), I can only buy 1x600 and 1x250 and it costs me 110 TL(it's more than my budget). I am paying 10 TL more but getting 350 gold less than before. 350 gold costs us 25TL + 10 TL (250+100 gold). Total is 25 + 10 + 35 = 70 TL which is almost same amount with the regular profitable (75 TL). It's more than 90% profit increase for TG.

    Another thing is quality of service. Does anyone think that TG provides good service and gameplay for us? We have been suffering from 503 Error.. What did they do for this? And remember 6-7 months ago their servers have crashed for 8 hours... Servers are full of resource seller and their bots... Unresponsive multihunters.. and most funny thing is that forum's CMs don't have access the game even though all players have been asking for it for years...

    it's not a new issue. We have been suffering 502 gateway error for a long time and it's already reported 45635 times to multihunters and admins but as you see it's still happening. There is no doubt that you guys are warned by Travian games that we can't make complain about them of games on the forum. Also, why don't you have any technical mods who can help players for this kind of issues in the forum?