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    We already answered this question a thousand times.

    The problem that occured in the finals of TT 2018 has been taclked by developers. The RU5 players tried to reproduce the bug (in accordance with the team) without success.

    ohh poor boy they already answered this question thousand times like last 5 years they answered it.... This admin has no respect to any players. He's been being rude for all of his posts in forum. I can't understand why TG still allows this kind of blustering fellows as an admin.... You can't stop losing players with this guy..

    I'm really sorry for TG that starvation is triggered by US(PLAYERS) not by poor TG management :P shame all the players. Please stop blaming TG management and their developers because of this bug(as they say, it's not a bug and it's a system architecture problem loool||). They've been trying to fix this bug more than two years lol so please at least respect their afford <X kjasbdlasd . Seriously, you guys are incredible and I would like to thank all of you to terminating this game. :*

    Announcement for all players: please stop playing this game and tell your friends don't play this game

    All issues have been forwarded to TS.

    There's no doubt that TG always finds a way to make this game more EDITED than before :D It's just a rollback, it shouldn't be too difficult in 2019.

    Well, forwarded =/= fixed yet. But they are looking into what went wrong. Will keep you posted.

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    Its actually around 900 scouts/day/village in a single stable, without helmets and alliancebonus and water well 0. Im not legitimating anything, Im just saying that players like him will always be around acting within rules. The problem is the rules, in this case cause there are prizes for the ranked players so that changes things a bit, with prizes it should not be allowed to credit yourself own kills. What Im saying is that expecting MH or anyone to act against it is doomed. It takes a change of the rules.

    I just doubled the amount at the end. "And it equals to 500k for 2x server". I don't wanna discuss this anymore but don't forget that the first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.

    Well , killing your own troops for attackpoints I would say is very very much for your own benefit and whatever you belive, its NOT againste the rules. :D Why would he need anyone to build scouts for him? He has 25 villas and you just need a handful of EI to hit scouts in your own oasis, he has almost 20k deffpoints, do some math.

    lol seriously lets do some math. He has 25 villages and he's able to train 500 roma scouts with a single village per day. 25 x 500 = 12500 scouts per day. 87500 scouts per week. it equals to 175000 off points. Plus this lets imagine he trained some legionaries with extra resources and make it 250000 off points including scouts. And it equals to 500k for 2x server. Hmm lets check kim's medallions. In chronological order, they are 1033457(1m), 1056951(1m), 941159(1m), 608121, 466206 and 278834. Do you still think he's only killing his scouts ? Why do you want to legitimate these people?
    Also you keep saying it's not against to rules. In your case, nothing is against to rules because there is no specific rules for actions. Rules are wide. Please just read all rules and you will understand.

    Explain to me how Kim killing his own scouts apply to that rule? Its been done for 10 years, servers allover, ita not a ruleviolation killing your own troops and whining in forum wont change it either.

    Dude what explanation are you waiting for? Don't you read it. "An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned". They supposed to ban all of accounts which train scout for kim. Tell me what're the rules? and what kind of illegal activities should be banned? what kind of illegal activities should be allowed for you lol?
    Of course it wont change anything as long as your kind of people act like pollyanna do. Don't you think that nobody wrote to mh or admin about them? They have been killing scouts for years. so let it stay like that. Yep it's not a revaluation if you let them do this. However, teaching and explaining people why this kind of illegal activities need to stop is the revaluation.

    The difference is that there are rules against multies etc, there are no rules against killing your own troops. So if you want to have something done about it, write to TG in Germanyto maybe apply a special rule for servers with prizes cause MH cant do anything about it, they just make sure the rules are followed.

    Lol have you ever read game rules? I think you didn't. You just need to read the first rule.
    § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    Also I am trying to explain you that nobody needs to inform to multihunter or any admin to ban these retards. It's obvious they should see this injustice themselves. it's tournament server, there is no server more important than this server. Moreover, this is not first time for kim. He has been doing this for a long time and TG still allows him to do this.

    Its not against any rule to kill your own troops, there is no reason for ban. The moral and ethics about it its another question, but who cares? We all know what he is doing and he will never be concidered a travian player.

    First of all, there are prizes for off and def rankers. What's the difference between taking advantage from multi account as resource and off-def points? There are a lot of banned account because of unfair raiding even though there is no IP conflict. It's not only ethics, it's more unfair than raiding multi accounts...

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In this case, you would need to contact the admin of the server, basically the manager of the Multihunters. Please send an email with a detailed description of your case to They will be able to assist you

    hahahaha you mean they haven't realized yet?? They already know what's going in the server like kim is killing scouts for free off points and tirsin ulan is defending for free def points. Multihunters wait for our complain to ban them? Otherwise they're free to do what they want lol. Please don't play to be pollyanna and don't encourage TG by supporting this stupid system. We shouldn't even talk about these illegal accounts in this forum. Travian should have banned them long time ago before people talks about them but money is sweet...

    Not necessary, but if you really believe it have been attempts to hack your accounts I hope you have reported it to MH.

    doesn't matter if you have reported these kind of attempts. the only answer will be "change your password". Btw I don't know that this story might be hoax. however if there are some stolen accounts and accounts with captcha at the same time, it's fair to say that there is a hacking activity.. brute force password attacking is not difficult for travian passwords.

    hm, i have village with cranny to nobody rob my resources from me, that is all.... usually no one like village like mine, they build important buildings without crannies ( i see much villages from other players ) and i am not jealous on nobody succes.

    Okay currently he has a village with full crannies and nobody are able to rob his resources plus he will build "important buildings" instead of some of crannies and I am incredibly jealous of you. How did you get him ? 8|

    lol if you were okay with these crannies, someone would like them too. So have you ever you think that another person would like this village with these crannies? Do you think your village is worse than natar village? Now you're teasing with a guy who captured your village but you were the one who had this village before he took it :/ This is just a success of unsuccessfulness...