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    Today it’s needed In travian to out perform other teams that have pioneered such tactics and continue to play X50 times shadier, in this regard.

    Please read just this part. The rest is justification and spin to what someone already knows that they did was ethical.

    And not to mention, Vices nor GOW invented spies or the degree in what they are used in. You sounds like a fool here. I suspect I have been playing the game longer than you, hell my forum posts and points seem to point to it directly. So let me just say this(and lay a little smack down), yes there are those that use spies and there are those who do not. There are people who will do anything for a win and there are those who chose to do it with honor. Take a guess what one you are and what one I am? I have won plenty of servers and never had to back stab anyone. I lead an alliance on s1 and lost to people like you and then I came back to eat their lunch later with solid tactics and Honor. You are a fool, and here is why. Those who play the game know what you are about. They play it for years and they remember "oh God, do they remember" your team knows what you did and although they may not say anything now or in this server. They remember and they know and they say little things like " remember when" or " I am not so sure I can trust him though". You live with, you seem to be okay with it. Have a great day.

    This is horse crap cover up for a bad ethics play and you know it. Ethically he could have left but instead you help the person lie their way into picking up the trainer and then dropping tag. That is bad form and anyone playing travian longer than a year knows it. Gunners, Want to know why people do not want you to win. This is a clear example of it. I wonder how many of your own players will see this as bad form. I wonder how many may start to turn. Lets see.