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    GOATs are used to being under pressure, i believe GOAT will show a lot of good work.

    Please keep posting battle reports :)

    Well, you need to wait for susetahnaivart because he seems to be the one who thinks alliances won't play against them because of fear.

    If you ask me personally, the only fear I can think of in this case if the fear of being bored beyond belief, widely known as BBBBphobia.

    perhaps naivart is seeing travian in the opposite way 🤔 its reliable?

    You must enter next com2, u seem a good entertainer 😎

    TEN yes

    Gunners not sure if they will return, but rumors are VICES (com1 winners) will show up :huh:

    CWL/GOATs will also come come to the server, not sure where they spawn

    GoW not sure if they will return, but Ajax and Zenna are active here - maybe they can confirm

    so, it might be, at least, 4 pre made teams coming to next com2 server, right? 😎

    it would be nice, if all 4 teams have a supposely ww goal, that all quads were occupied “equally”. Travian players “deserve/wish” a balanced and competitive server? Would u all agree?
    Not criticizing at all the current server played, its a generalistic opinion.

    sorry for any linguistic error.

    Best regards

    Feeding tatics.

    To potentialize defensive growth (spawns villas going24/7 without deviate from account goals. E.g WWR/WWH making 1-2 defensive villas non-stop prodution since early days of server)



    Many purposes to get WW before Artifacts, specialy if a team its outnumbered.

    Thanks you Donald Trump, Mr. President, greatest on Com4, bring more news to us, we want the truth! Does Com4 turn into a boring server? Diplomacy polices must be revised in parliament!

    About this BAD news, let's not forget that Legacy is inside it! 3 metas joining in one and I believe they won't stop it here.. who will be Next? BAD DC? Or should it be read SAD?

    Congrats for MTGA!

    Army walking around.

    A harmless attack, however there's still something to analyze.

    Analyzing this from the prespective of a Top Raider, why would he stop his troops, to do this?

    1. He scouted and saw a lot of rss
    2. He scouted and saw some off troops that might be good to hero's boost (and cleaning an off player in his 5x5)
    3. He wants to show is power to his neighbourhood, a sign to all to respect that. ( xd)

    Option 1. and 2. aren't the case, because the player didn't scout it, or anyone else in the earlier hours before the attack.
    Option 2. is secondly out,, because it was on raid mode.

    About the risks taken:

    1. The player is close
    2. Attack with paladins
    3. A allianced player (sometimes doesn't mean nothing, like the opposite (being unallianced) might mean something.

    The risk is reduced by the proximity of the villas, however there's still risk. The player could be online, and tryied a falangiata (or whatever)
    Attacking with paladins, i might understand if it is certain that the target only have clubbies. Without a scout, to think this just could happen having fertile imagination.
    Attacking with clubbies: without scout,could be risky, and compromised is raiding and rss incoming. A wall of heros might would have been raised.

    This last observation makes sense to consider it, because the targeted player was receiving the past few days some smaller raids from players from the same alliance. All them harmless, but it might serve to alert the player to do something, which there are many options cheaper.

    -This army, a spawn army, with relatively good clubbs number, might do in the future some real damage, once the player start balancing it with TKs.
    - Attacking with paladins might be good in the 1-2 week of server.. after one month might be an unnecessary risk.

    Kind Regards

    croplocked Nice leader. Getitofme

    And heres me also.. i took a selfi ...johnno big cage zoo oligarchy... farmed all his villages zoo as trophy on our walls then catted his new village

    there's some nice reports :p

    croplock at this time may compromised some armies for arties..if its done on capital :p dunno if its spawn would be better to conquer than to cropblock it, it fells that Travian is Greater once Again eheh

    GOAT A? am i seeing it properly?

    wishmaster3, please elucidate me... perhaps someone saw that was to much bold, and now comes the humbleness ? :D

    well, at least now, Johnno have a spot in GOAT... apply man!

    Im still in protection and about to settle, ive been missing all the fun

    But count on me to Make ForumTravian Great Again

    What about the new WestNorth wing? They must be desperate to aglomeraste 4 small alliances in to one, without any criteria, just to supplie their greatness need..

    How is the "war" with WWW?