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    I have said a similar statement about 7 to 8 years ago. And I will again repeat it of course. If 10 people are allowed to build 10 accounts to support 1 account, then 1 player should also be allowed to build 10 accounts to support 1 account. Sense of competition is intrinsic to men, lacking 10 friends shouldn't mean that he will give up on competition. He should be, legally, allowed to spend 10times the time and fight at the same level.

    No, it is not the same. And I dont understand how you, as alliance leader, can compare 10 real people playing with 10 multies.

    wishmaster3 Did you realize that none in a proper state of mind will park a WWK/R on a multi? Do you intend excluding Diet from garage too or do you think someone in a proper state of mind will give a diet to a multi? We already discussed this topic, nowhere is written that there is only one way to build a WWk and this way is raiding inactive (it is your way I know).

    More over 48 hrs for recovering from hit? and keeping troops going to being fed 20k each for let's say a whole quad? with likely no ts? Did you include travel time calculation in your proposal?

    I'm really scared

    Some of us in cousins have been beaten pretty badly by Sgr in the past, now it's time for our revenge :evil:


    One time out of four we've been beaten ;(

    Lets hope you are still here crying when nordics is over and i can join the madhouse

    Keep it up dude.

    Looking forward to that :D

    It is not in the list of "conventional unmodified browser":

    Not illegal but risky :)

    And people who do not want to raid? or using the farmlist is mandatory?

    fnx you're obsessed with parking, none in a proper state of mind will park troops on a multi. If it is team work you want to prevent, dont forget travian is a team game. Moreove with confed system you cannot reinforce outside alliance/confed, but every decent leader seeing enemies raiding their member will do something to stop this, Without warning enemy raiders.

    I would like to hear from Mentally as well. Cause these proposal might have huge impact on game :)

    I agree with Olof, planning, experience and commitment are factors that make this game interesting, as well as creativity.

    I'm a bit scared of the word "abusing" related to game mechanics: the BP accounts to cata natar is a dirty move, never denied it, but can be prevented by simply either closing registration 10-15 days before arties or just not allowing BP accounts to send normal attack. Creating strategies using game mechanics is never an abuse, otherwise we can only play in one way... and it will be boring :)

    For sure I've a personal agenda, too. On the top of my hat, for sure to have the WW villages go back to be like they were during T2 ( players decide the location ) or to be fully random in each quadrant. In any case... a change to make the endgame a bit less repetitive with always the same coordinates.

    This includes the artifacts, that should be totally random in quadrant vs having fix locations.

    I completely agreed with the WW spawning probably how they were in T3.6 (random and late). At the moment the most important arty for end game is Diet (UD or LD), architect is less powerful. but with WW villages with relative low storage defending infra will be crucial as well.

    Randomize completely arties will result in luck having more high impact. Dont know if I really like it

    It is going to be a very weird server, Vices and TEN are not playing this round, so plenty of rooms for new groups. And apparently something new is coming. One meta choses to not focus on single quads, but prefer to build a Northern group.

    AD map NW and NE…

    =AD= they have two wing, one in NW and on in NE (101 accounts), they settled relatively close to the NE/W border. Roughly 1/3 of their player settled village 2.

    Rumors has it that they are already napped with WR (no clue if it is true); rumors has it that they are talking with SGR for end game (again no clue if it is true)


    Vices/VIllains/Vinci are not playing this round, so the quad is open.

    =AD= chose to stay close to the border, but they are definetly the biggest group of the quad

    Tok is a small group, who spawned in SE and who are moving in the empy quad (wise choice). 14 account

    The Core, 24 account, none of them settled v2.

    FF, 23 accounts, few of them settled v2.



    WR, 67 account roughly half of them settled village 2. They have a core premade (so at least they wrote in forum) plus some recruitement. They spawned both NW, SW than SE but now seems settling SW.…

    X 80 account, according their alliance description they spawned 48hrs late, only 10 out of 80 already settled and they seems to prefer villages closer to their spawn not hurrying for croppers.



    USSR premade alliance, seems pretty organized, 42 out of their 60 account settled their v2.

    PWR 54 player, 10 settled. They are recruiting from the map

    WiNeRsS 22 player only 1 of them settled



    SGR over 150 account at least the official ones (I included All Bs cause they leader last round was one of SGR WWK). Premade, usually plays com1. They probably have some player outside the alliance atm that will join later on. They should be the absolute favourite of the round, rumors has it that they are talking with AD regarding build WW on 0|100 togheter (no clue if it is true or just a fake :D) They tend to do a lot of diplomacy usually, this round it doesnt seems necessary, will we see SGR playing alone?…

    Cousins 29 player, mostly trolls they are obvioulsy here to mess up with SGR. 21 out of 29 settled in a area close to 100|100 WW.

    Pepega, 57 players, "no normies allowed", seems settling scattered around the server. At least one of their player is a SGR one :)



    Regarding croppers in a radius of 100 tiles from 00, USSR seems to be the group who secured most with 5 125+ croppers settled, SGR and Cousins settled 4 each

    CATEGORY: Stand out 2019

    PLAYER: Eriksucks (forum name Tinky )

    WHY: I think this report deserves the title...

    Moreover she kept arties, she helped Eric, she stole arties... she draw hammers on her cap (and spawn village), she even found the time to handle the notorious Eric's club!

    CATEGORY: The Legend of 2019

    PLAYER: Raskolnikov (forum name LukeHaines_COM )

    WHY: On com1 best defender of server, WW holder, he built a more than decent hammer too. Being the UD holder, he fed lot of alliance troops (both offense and defenses). His WW account was simply perfect and allowed us to feed average 15 millions troops without problems or starvation.