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    hb has a good ban records in past so i won't overrule the possibility of him not repeating the history again. And I will not say, this year, we do not have any team work utilizers either.

    But either ways, what I mean is - one should always know which fellow cheaters you got on your sides before you try to divert all the attentions by pointing that one player who's been known for it in past. A team that cheats the most - who's entire wwks come through "team work", shouldn't have the biggest mouth really :|

    Last year, when we had just the one "tech farmer" - i stopped bringing up any cheatings or as they like to call it, "team work". And then even last year it was VIllains who had the audacity to bring up that wolf's using techs, blaming him for raiding 100mill+ per week (even though at least 3/4th was the local farms) while completely overlooking that their players are using over 250k per hour resources by parking their troops elsewhere (actually lot more than 250k - 250k was parked at just one account). And on top of that, wolf was punished by spiking too, unlike the storage users who can chill and make the biggest wwks with the least sweat and a little more gold X/

    And it's always fun to know that Villains had failed to recruit the very same wolf from us. (Also, someone pointed out that their "leadership" never approached wolf, but then I do believe Bkk was part of their leadership - and he did approach him.)

    Didnt know BKK approached Wolfe, I will ask him :D. We have some bans, few of them really cheated, they admitted were punished and they know they will be kicked if they will be found doing it again. Other were unbanned without punishment. In every alliance there are people trying to do strange thing: sometimes you know before mh and you can ask/force them to stop cheating (last round I found out a botter and had him stop using it), sometimes you happen to knew after a ban, sometimes you cant do nothing :(.

    spreading lies? Since when have you guys ever talked the truth for me to ask you this time? You guys still claim that last year in a game turning defensive decision, you gave an all in ww def call 2hrs later than our ops timer, based on seeing the first "ww fake" that was timed 2 hours after our ops :) An all in call earlier was possible, later was not. Specially when the later all-in call somehow was exactly 15 mins earlier than the gettertools plan for our rammer hits.

    But then, you might not know about that if you're not in inner circle of Villains.

    Either ways, Andy, caller, fake, zetton from Villains are also banned. And them located in locality of those two raiders is also probably another coincidence... X/

    Lol, your launches on our WW were so so baroque - and we were soo tired - that we did a call on a fake :D. I wonder why you made the guy launched a fake landing at the exact time of the planned real though.

    Was not luck at all it was a calculated risk and the player assured us he was in control right down to the last pop.

    If you knew what you were actually talking about you'd realise the only reason you were successful before was because the player had not built an sm which was what made the difference in this instance. There was no need to stack defense or put it up against vices or Natar waves, the proof is in the village so better luck next time ;)

    Interesting prediction, however positioning allows to reach deeper in to other quads and has several strategic options not based purely on unique spawns alone.

    Loool.... you're better asking for report on Firebird village :D

    Fire works have well and truly ensued. Once again it was HIMO behind the helm, however this time for Himmo success wasn't to be. Firebird stood his ground securing another key location for the SGR gz strong hold.

    HIMO launched with impressive timing landing just before the natars arrived, but Firebird was not ready to surrender, holding on by just 1 pop in a situation of do or die it was SGR and firebird that triumphed.

    Well done HIMO, today was not your day, you zerod the location before but it was not enough, SGR will never give up and never back down!


    Rory had a bit of luck, the village stood for a high clay pit, but in this early cataing was enough :D

    In what SGR helped?

    as of i know few indian guys with phisky are playing in the vice gz accounts, which reminds me of last com1 where these guys were in gz just like this time. though not sure about anze if he is playing there this time or not, cant even see punter and co. who were pd of drama queen last round. Cant wait for the fireworks to start8)

    Lol Pishki was not in GZ last round :D

    I did clean up this thread and several posts were heavily edited. If a post makes no sense after a clean up, it is normally deleted. We are not required to notify to notify if we remove posts although we try to. But we do get busy and forget. Plus we all know that mods survive on caffeine and I really really really really needed my tea. And I need more again.

    A cup of tea and a slice of cake for the mod

    Shadow - you and Chazz are known for your bs, but you've clearly now stepped it up. So get your facts straight, I did not go to "players" - i went to my player who got recruited by your "players" and told him why would he go somewhere without leadership? (back then neither Chris nor Yin were going to play ).

    I don't even know why did I bother asking a player to come back over - who claimed to feel uninvolved in SGR despite being part of leadership lol. A Slakcer who's played for SGR more than me... So I hope you see why would I approach him to ask him dafuq? Only if he was as active and created as many propagandas last year as he's doing right now - we'd have got ourselves a diplomat finally!

    I was having a nice time far from skype. But when someone contact me in whatsup i told him ok immediately. None can forecast com1 to start so early.

    Yes I would like to discuss it further, share your source :)

    Tbf I was checking my alliance log this morning and... you asked to join as well as many other lowlanders :D Some of you even joined my ally... just for the embassy task, I should say, but maybe it is a proof of our "confed".

    My friend, because they contacted us does that mean anything? SGR wanted us to join up too, so maybe the only alliance which we don't work together with is TEN... so I think I can confirm here that VICES, SGR and Lowlands form one supermeta with ultimate goal to defeat TEN!

    I love this guy :D

    Yes I would like to discuss it further, share your source :)

    I'm curious too :D

    Mr. Batman is a bit delusional but usually disappear after the first 2-3 weeks. He's funny though he can vouch any kind of gossip and unproven stories :D I wonder if he even plays :D

    C9 just another alliance of noobs vices would like to blame sgr for, in the hope it might detract attention from there own lame recruiting practices.

    Sure SGR are a pre made group but they shouldn't have to recruit 300-350 accnts just to keep up with vices. Vices aka (l.a.m.e) you may not be arguing against being a very big zerg but what your doing is applying pressure on other alliances like sgr and ten to do the same.

    @susetargiebargie I'm in your alliance and it sucks so maybe I do have a bias. Btw how is our nap with lowlands going ?

    You are really funny :D

    let's see in a couple of week the numbers :D

    He's batman and you're villains... his lively hood depends on you, his existence is derived from you, his skills are forged out of the necessity of battling you. He's not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now. So we'll accept him, because he can carry on. He's a loquacious attacker.. A blind conqueror.. A Dark Spammer.

    This round we're vicious more than villains... so maybe better you find a virtue as forum warrior :P

    It was the wisest post - till he claimed to be no one... he's not "No One", he's "Blue lion".

    Other than that, he's right. C9 which I used to think till yesterday, meant "Cloud 9" - I clicked on that alliance and found out they call themselves as Seals Nine. And more than that - they're in South East. I have no idea how can they be associated with us when till yesterday none of their players had even settled a 2nd village... They're just fans obviously. And yes NW and NE are both big alliances - neither wants the other win so we keep gathering mass not wanting to be weaker than the other. Unfortunately, this year thinking we were bigger - we stopped at one point. But one should have never underestimated the recruitment powers of Anubis X/

    Anubis is a great recruiter but still not all the Vices you see on the map or the spice villages are ours. I think all this forum claims are just... forum propaganda. We'll see real number in the next week. But mr Batman is really trying hard to describe us as more bigger and powerful than we are :D.

    Btw I've no clue who blue lion is... but I saw him in NE :D

    Honestly as a spectator eatie here is bragging a lot against SGR, the name SEALS were taken by lot of players from other servers after reading from the forums not all the names is related to SGR. As a matter of fact both the teams are taking precautions against each other and that is fair. Dont start blaming right from the start that SGR and TEN have united and they will win again who knows they might not join together. This thread has turned to a useless argument complaining and pointing out to each other, when in reality both the teams consider each other tough competitors.

    the names appearing in the screen might not be affiliated to the respective teams ( or it might be ) lets kick the game and keep things rolling ;stay in the heart of competition.

    and i am no one to point out to eatie but if you guys cordinate well then you guys can have a huge comeback and walkout as true winners of the server. stop yelling and end this thread


    The wisest post :D

    The same id in each quad I think

    Well due to the fact that not a single iGN same as old villains IGN can be spotted in Coucil alliance, I assume your are talking about the discord room, where both me and electric avenue are there without hiding and we even say so.

    And no we're no rushing building embassy :D

    Btw Wanna Be settled as first.

    All sides had their "unethical" plays, including TEN (some of which Obi and I (from SGR) stopped them in).

    However, it's a new server. There should be plenty of stuff to talk about, without bringing up the old servers constantly. So maybe retire the discussion of dirtyness for now, and then take it up again if (when) something dirty happens (it's probably bound to).

    That's a nice idea, but don't let Obi talking about us selling arties when the only arty dealer I knwo is with you :)

    Merry Christmas everyone :)

    and congratulation to Wan.Taz, Templars and Investor for their beautiful hammers. I somewhat like axes rammer. Wolf: nice clubs+Tk disappointing catas (well being out of ally the whole server to private farming).

    Crop was b1tchy during Christmas eve, but it is obvious people was busy in family stuffs, previous days we hold very well and ... believe it or not, after you hit the NPCs thing went better :D

    As I have shown you the proof of it, you were talking about the call in 36 hours advance.

    No you didnt :D

    you show me a pic of my chat in which I talk about all in call (that something I dont deny ). I talked about all in call nearly the whole week end.