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    Now, this is a pretty solid proof that Gal Gadot was planned all along

    That's makes a lot of sense. Just La mala told she stepped in very late... and at that point I didnt understood anymore. We thought Gal Gadot as WW holder since day 15 or something, the only teut in the neighbouthood.

    As well as it makes sense you as WW holder.
    What does not make sense (but it is my opinion) is the setting WWK/WW. Well Anomander/Gal Gadot and co prove it does not work.

    May I ask why you're so sure your interpretation of that rule is the right one? I read a bit backward in forum. Rule 1.1 is a relative new one (date from 2016). I found a thread with replies from Templar Knight (at that time he was community manager). He pointed out that team game and helping among allies couldnt be sanctioned.

    I always thought that the rule was introducted to help MH finding out multies (account not played by real people, run in sitting and just logged to allow sitter to play and so on), I mean giving MH a weapon to catch multies. Not to prevent real people to play as they want to.

    All the rest you write is plain BS.

    /me waiting for being accused to have killed Julius Caesar

    Hmm, I wonder who is turning out to be pathetic with constantly returning and posting to a thread about irrelevant account. Insignificant to me means not worth my attention. Yet, you go beyond your way to prove how "unbothered" you are with Anomander. And with every post you make, you fail in that. By the way, you should add more to your repertoire, you are repeating yourself.

    The thing that puzzles me is why are you so bothered with this post. Because it got more atenttion than your dominance on the server and finally your win? We stole your thunder? Is that it?

    Because it is a perfect example of the usual garbage your forum activist uses. Just with a bit of more saltiness.

    Nobody cares that you won because travian players don't have respect for this magnificent strategy of yours. I do agree that it is very effective. Put everything of value to a safe place. Bore everyone around you to death so that they practically forget that they are even playing on the server and then send fast ghosts to feed your ego and boast on forum. Maybe it would work if we didn't have so many servers and then attention would have to be focused on you.


    Why are you failing to gain respect then?

    Respect from who? Batman, Wish and Obi? they are doing propaganda as they do the whole server (they did a few mistakes though)

    And I know you will now use the "we did ops this round" card. And for a team that had 1 (one) op/server I can understand why you find that to be a big deal. You improved. You even had results.

    I was just informing MIst4 that quit the server leaving his account to his mate as garage :)

    My other option is that you simply can't stand to read anything positive about SGR.

    I think better of SGR players than you can imagine. What I don't like and don't respect is some representative and leader hypocrisy and refuse to take responsability. You play as dirt as we do, if not more, just you don't admit.

    And, I found in this thread something very interesting. You told me... the way how some super selfish player can ruin a server for a whole team. TEN by the end was much better than you.

    I haven't heard about this kind of thing done before or even knew they could make these kind of accnts possible with anvils greater then 1mil I don't think it's even really been discussed here

    Uh? Going over 1 million of phally is great, and UD undoubtly helped but doable. I think Heart had something similar last round (but maybe I'm wrong). Before defending LA Heart was for 1st in deff this round so she/he could have reach 1 million this round too. That said is something doable even if you are garaging someone else troops :D

    Luke reached 800k spears at his top.

    And no, it is not 1 million from the same village, our defender are not that selfish that they need to mess up with their WW set up to write a pathetic final post.

    Mist4 this was another round... ask your TEN mates... we attacked this round, not weekly OP on inactive capitals but we defintely attacked :)

    Why are you even deflecting the argument with this? You openly and proudly talk about your techs, so why this pathetic attempt at misdirecting? Again, repeating myself:

    I'm not deflecting, I admit that I consider team playing 3 people building a wwk with different account. You can call it whatever you want. Till when there are real people playing, I'm completely ok with this. Note that verdie/Jp and the other were alwayis in the alliance, and they dont raid... so a bit hard for them to circumvent the pushing protection system. And we talk abot 3 good account, producing deffs over building a 950k roman hammer.

    As well as I'm ok if someone want to build a WWK by raiding inactive.

    I just want to point out that SGR rammer and the invicible WWKs has been made both using helping friend. For Geko an helping friends outside ally that never been in, So is not 1 tech, is half of your endgame hammer made the same way (at least).

    Some villains player move, it is normal, people have the rights to change. SGR players change as well and come to us too. It is simply normal.

    Think about how badly you lost this round and it was not for how we build our endgame hammers, this seems to me a way to divert from your real problem.

    Verdie so sorry I named you :*

    # ten # lowlands etc all moving.. Mazzi is stubborn so won't budge otherwise you'd practically be playing with yourselves assuming you return again to com1..

    From what I saw issues between TEN and SGR are not caused by our WWKs. Maybe the fact ex Supermeta lose so badly this round is not all our fault. Last round we analyzed why we lost and we tried to fix it. SGR should do the same instead of blaming everyone beside their poor choices.

    The fact that there is a farmlist...?

    ouch I didnt noticed the big announcement in the rally point that prescribe as mandatory for WWKs to use farmlist ... my bad! Is it in the rules too... let me see a small paragraph written with invisible ink?

    Yes, congratulations on driving players away from a game that is already severely struggling with a dwindling playerbase. It's incredible how short-sighted this is.

    This is the new accusation for us? are we going to see it repeated endlessly? On what basis? the fact that probably Ten will not play com1 anymore? you think is our fault? because we do WWk with real teams?

    BTW what was the accout BADare, a casual account who offered 30k parking to Geko? does she sent a rein instead of a raid and evil VICES had a great luck in killing troops?

    Of course not a tech, not even in alliance... a brother maybe?

    What is the "standard game play" and what is the account benefit?

    As far as I can understand "standard game play" for WWk/r require raiding inactive. Who decide that this is a standard game play? I can argue that having account with 5 duals (to send farmlist every 5 minutes) is a unfair advantage too (not going to do that).This game is beautiful because there is not a "standard" game play but it offer a large wide of possibilities to be played. Reducing it to somenthing simple and standard is depriving it. You dont have all equal player who can do all the same thing. Real people have different time, budget to invest in the game, ideas, skills.

    Let's come to the account benefit, in a team game. What is the own benefit? Winning medals? Being 1st in pop rank? Having a very good cropper? Using arties? Winning a server?

    For a defensive account his proper benefit can be selfdefending when under attack. So whenever there is an OP all defensive account should selfdefend according a very strict interpretation of rule 1.1. Otherwise they are cheating. Does that makes sense?

    Or where are the border between account benefit and alliance team play?

    Is it ok forcing all player in alliance to push trainer? Or pushing trainer is not something a single account directly benefit? If I play as scouter do I directly beefit from my scouts? Is a WWk/r a benefit for the whole alliance or only for the player that actually makes it?

    Those are the usual question, not particularly related to this round though.

    Cause sadly we won largely before launching our giant WWk/R.

    How do you know I'm burying my head? Do you think that poisoning and intoxicating a forum just help in clearing the way of playing? Do you think your interpretation of part of rule is the only real one? How do you know how we and I deal with a lot of dirt?

    You're just using against a part in game the "so called" interest for the fair game. In a thread open by a banned account (and the fact that it was banned and unbanned does not interest me, he paid for his rule violation in my opinion).

    Cris, not all accusations are throwing mud. Yes I did accuse Vices for many things. Account buying (well at least trial) DID happen and I offered to show proofs. PlannedDownTime’s ban happened right after he was reported and nobody pushed back on that accusation on the forum. I explained a million times about Tinky’s account yet you guys keep bringing it up, it was an MM to point out and tease general usage of techs from V. I don’t care to know what accounts are actually techs, and which ones are reals since you also admitted that you have too many. Similarly Jin’s 30 friends appearing in arties time is something I will keep criticizing and accusing you for ruining the game.

    In general, someone pointing out your wrongdoings and, putting it mildly, stretching the game rules to your liking is not equal to baseless accusations or being toxic. Just because you were upset, it does not mean that you are right. Your only argument against all these points were “But SGR is doing too, you hypocrite!”. And yes, some is happening (although not to this extent) in SGR too and yes, I am actually bothered unlike you, that it happens and doing my best to prevent it from happening in SGR.

    It is not toxic to mention the cheaters in your team or game abusing tactics like techs. It is rather toxic to attack someone’s real life personality by mocking someone’s nationality, mental state or sexuality. Except Luke (for which I have a high respect for him) and Loffe (and thanks for doing that) nobody even acknowledged how ridiculous these were.

    Anyway, I don’t intent to further discussing the old stuff that we already talked about months ago.

    Obi my post was how a toxic environment is going to be set up. I dont mind pointing finger account who actually was banned (anomander was banned too, he had a bigger loss of pop than Pdt), what I don't like is reading a non context accusation like you did by insinuating.

    We can discuss for long what playing for proper benefit means in a team game and we will probably disagree. Just don't forget that your interpretation of that rule is your interpretation, not necessarly the spirit of the rule.

    I dont get offended, but you (you personally) started creating a toxic environment this round. And if I can find Batman funny, I didnt find and I dont find funny your attempte to always inserting in every sentence some insinuation, like you just did and like you did the whole round.

    And yes there is dirt in every alliance Vices, SGR and TEN (I guess in LL too).

    I would have loved a less heaten round this time but it didnt happened.

    I think the worst I did was called loffe a bread loffe after he called Obi a baguette. Unless Cris you were offended by meme wars early in the round but that was mostly tougue in cheek too.

    Besides congratulating all teams involved, I've also only really expressed my opinion regarding techs, why should that be construed as mudslinging ?

    I'm obviously referring to your earlier posts... but I admit you're funny.

    Maybe you will find your new home in Villains (or Vices), as they tend to have a similar low ethical standards ( to Vice).

    He talked about a guy selling arties (I don't know if the guy actually did such a thing, it is Obi assertion)

    -Kids, do not do techs and multies!

    ITremorzz vs EricSucks:…Qb3,ncV18lFIgk,HeGndqLum5

    Did you actually read your dual thread? He uses it just to thow mud against us (and TEN's leader). So yes was made for everyone to read and read the baseless accusation your delusional dual did.

    Why is not possible for any of SGR forum activist to post something without accusing us of everything?

    We avoided only "inactives" close to Vices because they tend to be spiked more often than the rest

    I think this might have something to do with your SGR|Rest plant in our quad? Or for someone trying to kill our troops?

    I guess I wasn't of too much help. Or you need to go through your notes again. We don't seem to speak the same language. Or just wait for fnx (grab a book - a BIG book while waiting.)

    I can't help you with politics since I couldn't care less about alliance/server politics and I wasn't paying attention to that.

    Ok please forget my question regarding TEN. So I can deduce SGR planned Anomander with his support account Gal Gadot+Lady Winter+No One to be unchiefabale account and ww support... Someone from SGR (no need to name it, someone who quit probably) should have been the WW holder. Do I understand correctly?

    I will wait for fnx with a full set of book with pleasure.

    You asked questions and keep trying to transfer the blame of being selfish on Anomander. For a moment I thought there's someone in Vices willing and capable of reasonable and open conversation so I tried to answer the best I can. My bad. We said all we had. People playing with us know how selfish we were or weren't. Good luck on your next server :)

    we are discussing in a thread your dual open with title "Anomander Rake: The invicible WWk"... that contains in his first post a complete set of the usual garbage and lies we are used to hear from SGRs + a lot of trash talking against TEN and the whole world. Sorry for saying Anomander seems selfish, you personally didnt seems selfish to me. The account and at least one of your dual yes.

    I don't see anything puzzling there. More people were supposed to be involved but they changed their mind along the way. And I never met Tonzo, so no idea how he ended up in this story.

    Care to explain better?

    You mean SGR end game strategy was all on Anomander (in this case I smell some selfishness :D) ? I mean

    anomander the unchiefable wwk and his support account (gal gadot + Lady Winter + No One) supposed to be the WW holder and WW main feeder (as well as support account for Anomander)

    or a different account was supposed to be the WW holder?

    In this case what account was supposed to be the WW holder? a SGR one (but all the village settled around WW belong to one of the Anomander supports) or you had a deal with TEN and Tonz before ragequitting was supposed to take the 100|100 WW as they did last round?

    I'm asking about Tonz because before quitting he bragged about building 2 (or 3) WW at 100 this round too :)