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    he artefact pickup limit was removed and the hero can now pickup artefacts without restrictions. The limitation that player can have only 3 active artifacts out of which only one can have account-scope effect hasn't been changed.

    Ridder Huma does that change will be applied to all server? even to the ones in end game (i.e. Com1)


    so techs and multies are playing along the rules so there is nothing wrong with having them but attacking on christmas is wrong for whatever reason?

    Nothing wrong in attack on Xmas... just bad taste and lack of backbone in finding excuses.

    You're always so lovely in your posts!

    PS I've to add that wishmaster3 posted me a couple of convo in which was clear that Mazzi didnt inform him before the notorious LD steal. From that convo it was clear SGR had a couple more plants in our group.

    Also, if you don’t care to know like you suggest here, why would you bring that up in the first place?

    I didnt.... it was Wish who brought it up again :D

    I just added some irony to a post related to other stuff. But you two are so proud of that stealing that endlessly remind it :D

    Next question - thin crust or thick? And yes, you shall have to resolve that in game and cata each other to fight it out.

    That can be bloody.... Thick if the dough is really good, otherwise crusty. And with a nice cold beer!

    I explained you in detail and again offered the proof that it was not intentional (I also have a whole section on my end of detailed server analysis on how we organized WWk hits) but merely, due to fact that Christmas is not a big part of my or fnx’s life that we simply didn’t consider.

    Thanks for confirm my point... not enough courage to admit it was a choice and a good one to create us more difficulties :D

    Regarding CT I dont care, if you and mad are so willing to show me your proof you both have my skype (I never block anyone). But I really dont care, it was just an example cause you're both so proud of stealing a LD to your plant in our meta, and it is a bit weird (and somewhat laughable).

    Tomato sauce and ketchup are not the same thing =O=O=O=O=O

    That is a pretty common pizza in România :) Plus, at most of our pizza places we have sweet and spicy bottles of ketchup on the table even before ordering. 8) I did send some pictures on vices spam room, they said it actually looks nice :* But I understand that in some countries, putting ketchup on your pizza is seen as weird :D

    I was with you all the way until you said corn, and then you added ketchup and there's just no coming back from that.. that pizza is ALL yours

    ehm ehm ... not everyone!

    Never thought I would ever agreed with Jer, but I do. Teodora :*

    Why the blank would Obi and I waste off on stealing LD from someone with a WWR if we knew he would turn on you? We were told after we stole the LD, and had no knowledge of it prior to that. If you seriously believe we knew, and you're not just posting this for propaganda, poke me on skype and I'll show more than adequate proof.

    I dont know, and honestly I dont care if you knew before the stealing or not. But as for the Christmas hits (that is a legit choice) the comments were... no, it was just a coincidence. Like you (SGR forum poster) dont have the balls to admit your own choices. So I dont really believe whatever you said here, and my doubt are legit :)

    Obi why you keep arguing with brain tumors


    Nice that at least you now have the decency to confess to the "attempt" of buying an account. Instead of denying, you can now just say that you do not condone it and that's it.

    I'm start getting pissed of these false allegation...

    We was offered to buy an account (2 accounts) in supermeta and we declined. I'm not going to tell who.

    Last round... your buddy Bert&Ernie (the one with whom you catapulted our player near NE border) maybe bought an accout that was in Villains... A guy whose IGN was KTF propose us to buy hs account, we declined and he said he would have continued playing. One day his sitter found a nice IGM sent from Bert&Ernie in sitting to Lady Envy that forward some MM. The same KTF pulled back his defenses from a CFD (and then deleted).

    I'm sure you didnt know (as well as you didnt know about CT, as well as you didnt realize 25th December is Christmas)!

    Very happy to see it implemented. Just a question will the standard work on for confederation too or only in alliace as it is now?

    Sorry i had to use COM1 as an example but to make points one has to use examples, using empty words wouldn't achieve anything, would it?
    Please: This thread is ment to comment and improve upon the game, discussion about com1 can stay in other threads

    PS.: I'd love this to be the last time i have to discuss events in that server, they are never pleasant.

    well you cited com1 everywhere seems a bit hypocritical asking to keep it out.

    Wonder if it is a serious thread or just a rant in the wrong section.

    let's consider it serious

    Map generation:

    Certain restrictions could be put on a generated world so that each quad would get more or less equal amounts of 150% 15-croppers

    I never really checked the 150s distibution among the quads, but yes they should be distribuited equally. Btw if you give a look at Legendontour2019 you'll find some interesting stuff relating to croppers.


    Who does not agree in having more juicy reward.

    I am quite sure that artifact spawns are not completely random but i'd also like to point out that moderated and balanced spawns would help to make every server even more fun and competitive. Adding to this i'd like to touch on an issue seen in current COM1 where new accounts (techs or not) were created solely to get artifacts and keep them safely under BP. While this is not illegal this is abuse of rules. I know what you are going to say, that this is fair and doesn't break the rules, well, you are in charge of those rules and this is unintended abuse of game mechanics which should be patched out. In other games unintended game mechanics are treated seriously. They severely damage the amount of fun players have, the issues become personal and toxic. I'm sure you know this just by reading COM1 forums. The way it is now, this exploit encourages cheating on a larger scale than ever before, buying techs or creating them yourself. I'm afraid without treating this issue with the proper respect it deserves might lead to a complete downfall of this game. Look at examples of other game developers who mistreat their users. Currently the only reason the people are not deleting is because of how invested they are into the game, but everyone is losing respect towards you. You should treat this seriously as this will impact your game severely.

    Knowing how the game works helps in capturing as much arties as possible at their spawn.

    If you search this forum a bit you'll find lots of topic relating to artefact spawning. People who collected years after years coordinate and do map, analyze those maps and so on. It seems arties spawn on circular bases, uniques in the central area (I saw radius varying from 45 up to 65 tiles), so you dont exactly know where they spawn but you can try to do some predictions.

    To avoid the use of BP in sending catas to natar... I can see a couple of solution: preventing sending normal attack in BP (only raid on natar) or closing registration.

    But... Who decide what is using or abusing a game mechanich?

    To make the game better and more fun: Think of something to prevent the entire server from confedding up in week 1. Introduce incentives for (close-range) war.

    I think the confederation system that will be implemented for new servers will help. Looking forward to see it on WW server

    Maybe they learned from Villains example of losing UT last round?

    well it was defended at least... billion splatted his hammer.

    it was a beautiful action that one but billion splatted... pick up was made with a ghost of 25k (around) Ei. A bit different from 1k total defense,

    Buut what about Oswald wwk two rounds ago? and Teddy one's? Or jauen's cata parked on a leftover multies?

    Or we can talk about fnx and his cata ghosted on richard 3 round ago? And a strange pick up of UB in SE quad with catas that can only came from a bot account?

    I think we should stay on this round.

    Electric Avenute recenty chief the WW village from Tonzo. So rumors Tonzo is quitting are true?

    I literally asked for hammer restoration and asked for a rollback AFTER your UT op.

    .... and that is what surprise me most!

    you're aware that in this case you can say good bye to Monkey's and Belhaven's hammer too (as well as Snake and Hot&Wild) + some other?

    or you think we should let them travel and hit as it happened last monday?

    or are Just The Grim's and The Nioels hammers that matters for Supermeta?

    Especially Sanket after over an hour of us chatting on skype with Sanket and Mazzi trying to explain he acted like a joker barely acknowledging our plight, preferring instead to come racing to the forums to condemn us, whilst agreeing with us on skype a rollback would be better but tg won't do it.

    Did he? I mean agreeing with you a rollback would be better? Hard to believe.

    As far as he told me about that conversation he wasnt agreeing on roll back, none of us see a roll back as a viable option :)

    It only tells how two-sided your real justice understanding is really when you ask for (and get) support against the bug but not willing to do the same when the negative consequences impact the other side.

    Obi, a decent part of your OP was launched on sunday at 03:00:02, I mean for example Snake launched his real 2 hrs before we landed on UT, you cant consider losing Snake hammer a consequence of the UT mess, the same can be said for Hot&Wild, they launched it around 1.30. I'm not going through all the reals that were sent for your last OP, I think those two are quite explicative. So yes I believe you could have changed something, not that much though.

    Not really. I am 100% certain that we would make plans differently, should we knew that we are certainly short of a trainer. Different game state actually guarantees that this outcome would never happen, especially in an op where artefact like UT matter a lot. I am not even talking about higher chance of success of the ops, a basic decisions such as not launching particular hammers at all.

    Either way, I don't expect any support here as this forum is heavily Vices dominated nor that I am that optimistic to expect a similar retrieving of our op hammers/vices defenses.

    I can agree you wouldnt have launched the grim on real probably. But dont forget you didnt have so many time to change, I mean the grim launched on nahoj around 08 and some of his fakes were sent earlier. I wasnt much on last week (holiday) but I gave a look at our d-tool and some of the others reals was already launched at 03.00.00 of sunday, It is hard to think to completely change an OP with many hammers already travelling. But who knows, you probably thought nahoj was a safe target (we never defended him previously).