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    EU GDPR and DSGVO laws are made for another scenario..but its easy to said it like a magic word to cover all....we dont want to know real ips or names or mails...just to know what are you ( travian games gmbh ) doing in this case.

    Costumers rights...maybe even stronger words than privacy in this case.

    yeah, all time they launch a conquest they hit the residence when its needed...all time dudes, we saw it every single time...think what you want, i dont care whatever you said...its obvious what they do.

    well some spicy posts...the fgt its alive xd

    frozen, no one wants to keep reading were owned by mad, asume it :D

    if they pay a lot of gold they are untouchables?? have no is not a free pass haha

    stop saying topics..the defeat you, accept it

    pd: congrats with your wedding

    I dont understand why youFrozen Angel keep talking about cheaters...if you have suspects or evidences , just go to MH, ez. If MH do nothing, its just one reason behind, theres no proofs or enough evidences. YOU must accept it and keep playing doing your best or surrender and delete the account. Stop crying.

    Anyway, what you keep doing its like a vegan crusade against meateaters... like spit against the wind...its just stupid. For me , its just only a big cry, from someone who cannot play, who was owned by the MAD strategy and had no answer.

    You can play, sometimes you can win or loose, but you do its only a big joke :D

    Im not MAD player

    pd: opening umbrella in 3, 2 , 1

    Hopefully the attacks weren't as depressing as the episode was. STILL WAITING BOIS. Dont know why both MAD and TM never show reports lol.

    keep calm dude, people usually have to study, work etc ( and even sleep :D) and we need time to collect all reports...

    the reports will be available soon

    pD : so much annoying obsession with forum and me wrote in high valiryan and no one bats an write something in spanish and all looses his head...valar morgulis to my post xd

    Maybe MAD will change to the panic mode;(

    The players in TM play so well and the leader have a excellent map strategy.

    I believe that you guys will defeat us very easily ;(;(;(

    Theres no more embassies to recruit :D

    easily sounds boring...VH mode sounds better :D

    And for a right reason. TM aka Twelve Monkeys never played a WW server. It does have a history on com regional map servers that goes to the very first of these which I am sure someone already mentioned to you. Total coincidence that you pick these two letters coming to this specific type of servers on this particular domain, no doubt. You made a choice though to stay under a known name instead of building your own and it is just that, your choice.

    sorry but .com servers arent universe 0/ one cares of past alliances and names...they are all dust when servers restart...i dont feel fine mr stark...

    the king of england? freddie mercury?

    A group of good players from nys 5x and other servers are going to com5 with me

    Rumor says Team will make an appearance there too

    Rumor also says that TM might join. I'm still not sure though!

    rumors usually are deep wishes which will never come true....keep dreaming

    pd: rumors says that addons for one vegetable browser are down and no one be able to launch waves from it...its the end of cheetah players?? hahahaha

    2 spammers above xd

    I cant understand why people join MAD as wings.

    they are just wings with one use, do the dirty part, be defeated and increase the raid lists for MAD top players.....

    its so sad, in every gameworld always happens the same things.

    Pain? avec fromage sil vous plait

    You know nothing wathever you are ...ofc you are not john xd

    who asked you about your off?? haha i have no clue about who the hell are you.

    Arnav who is this guy??