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    Well i dont believe so, i found UB to be redundant to be frank, its very easy to build a lev 10 tc in your def or off villages. Activate boots from there and do your job, whereas UC provides crazy protection. 0 popping in such a small map isnt an easy task so UC works well, sad you took em from us though.

    Well, you can have un t20 and do big confusion. To move deff from all the account, you will not activate 10-15 t10 with small boots.



    ohh i feel its an even fight though, MAD has the numbers while TM has the quality. However when it comes to defensive strength, TM wins due to UA and UC.

    Well, i think it is much better to have unique boots than UA or UC... That is what is making the difference


    Here you have Afrodita's one. Again, hammer incorporated and died SO FAST. Good job MAD moving deffence!

    It is crazy the difficulties we have to destroy a residence with confusion artifact, while others in 1-2 attacks got it xD

    Again, good job MAD.



    We are waiting for @Kamikaze_enric to post all the reports. Meanwhile, find here Afrodita's one.

    About the cost, I can tell you, it was arround 2,2k gold. Nice wall tho.