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We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
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    Thanks for the upgrade. TG is doing a great work last 5 to 6 months. Many changes where made to make this a more interesting game,but many other could be done.

    Talking about the daily quests i think that TG could change the amount of the rewards or even change the rewards,every time the alliance bonus amount change... this would help more the players that use few gold...

    For players that use gold daily quests are only interesting in the begining,but as the server goes on,the ratio cost/reward is very expensive...

    Other problem is that when all the alliance bonus is fullfil we have no more chances to make the 100 points task because you cant donate no longer...maybe here when that happens the donate task could be auto done...

    About the server i think is 2 soon to check for bugs,and for now i didnt notice any.

    Have fun


    You saysed that you are not a leader,from where do you have the information,that russia ww,from level 0,under constant atacks ,whas the winner of this server before rollback,you are blinde ? I don t see any leaders of Ru team to say that.....

    Man the server end...

    In the registers the winner is UNION.

    I end the server plus 1k pop rank but you know what?It was really fun and a great learn(one more)...

    Should we continue to talk about that?

    Lets us have a semi vacations and whait for the next one...


    Sorry, I never wanted to disrespect anyone.

    And although you think otherwise I appreciate what you did here.

    First sharing the reports of the offensives (although sometimes we are in different opioes in its analysis).

    You're right, I do not have the numbers or diplomacies,

    I'm a simple player, and what I say is what I see on the server.

    I only play 2 servers a year, and not seeing those 85 ww hammers beating wherever they go is worse than any moral value I might have.

    For me worse than any bug or have to hear that victory was unfair (because you win rightly or not you will always have to listen. Whoever loses tries always to justify why that happens sometimes correctly,sometimes not), is not to end one of the few servers that i have interest to play.

    Having the numbers and diplomacies or not, I also lose here many time and gold.

    The finals are still one of the few servers worth playing.

    You have made your choice right or not this goes according to the opinion of each one.

    I do not expect you to accept mine as I do not accept some of the ones I see here criticizing who continued to play or who evolved ww ,but i respect it.

    As the pacifist says a positive thing in the middle of it all is that a window has been created that allows a greater interaction between TG and its players. I hope that in the future this window will be more interactive and that TG takes more into account the opinion of those who play.

    Like i told you before i really hope you play next year finals.

    Good team mates are always a good learn but is the good adversaries that makes us evolve.

    Cya m8.

    Have fun.

    Quit is the easy way to loose...

    There is where Ruteam is diferent from most of all metas.

    They could quit when some years ago all the server join together against them after they had 1k acounts delet for ban (i think most remember EU meta).

    They could quit this year by the time unjustified bans where given to them...Did they quit? No they stay in the server and keep figth,that is why they are probably the strongest meta in this game by now...

    ould Uollas or dacia had the chance? Probably not,but that is something they dont give has the chance to know...

    You guess wrong.

    And no, I'm not gonna waste my time playing against you. If a get the upper hand, you'll just rollback the server with the help of your friends.

    Just like they did here.

    Man you continue to leave in an fairy tale.

    When did you have the upper hand this server????

    Bye m8

    it was really great to write to you....

    you're the one that's guessing stuff, what do you guess?

    i GUESS you write a lot but you play little.

    So for that reason i GUESS i will not aswer to you anymore here.

    If you have something to say i GUESS you should come to

    I GUESS we can talk bether there...

    I GUESS you understand me rigth???

    Bye m8.

    So, the server had a catastrophic bug, 2 rollbacks, and 1000 deleted accounts.... BUT

    You GUESS that everything's hunky-dory. This isn't a mess, everybody's happy.

    You're not GUESSing, you're talking out of your a***.

    Man i dont care if everybody is happy or not...

    I´m playing so im happy...

    Are you???

    Sry m8 i think you miss understand me.

    This is only a game and i have some friends in dacia from past servers.I bet if you talk in your general room some of them will talk to you about me.

    Im not atacking dacia.Has i told before i´m just a regular player that likes to play this game.I usually only play qualifiers and for me it was a disapointing that dacia and other delet ...

    it is not a lie...i have somewhere the report of a scouting to dacia WW last year.

    We where talking about %,not calling you a foll,but if you have something to show,14 march will start a

    Come play.We will be glad to play against you one more time.

    Cya my friend.

    Have fun

    And you thing that i wrote about the amount of players,seems that not only math are missing from here .....

    My friend i dont understand what are you looking for...

    if you whant to go for some kind of personals atacks or whatever i think you choose the whrong person,sry...

    If you whant math just ask to Safiren about the % of online acount to active acount,last year when dacia WW level 20 show more then 90kk defense.Im shore that some how she can provide it to you...

    Btw are you still playing? If not i hoppe you had a server full of fun and in person,it was a really desapointing that dacia delet,but that is nothing new...I remember when RUteam get all the BP...Many of you did the same...

    Cya m8. Hope next year you play again finals.Hopefully whit big numbers so whe can see you all end the server.

    Hi Safiren.

    Kingdoms is a diferent type of this game so 30% we can consider litlle %.

    But legends in this fase of the game i think you can understand why the % is to small.

    Now only the remain hammers and his defensive acounts,WW management and suport and maybe ppl that are still playing for the profile medal keep full active.

    Other only go to the server to send there resources/crop and there defense.

    I think now it doesnt mather anymore if you loose one or two more villages. It will have no efect in the server.(This is one of the most strategic part of the game but for the many of players ,one of the boring part as well.)

    Btw if you check last year finals i guess that the % of active acounts was even small then this year.

    Cya my friend and dont forget about the corner. I hoppe this time i can see you write a litle more about WINTER group.I think they all deserve it not just for what they did this server,but for all they have done in travian last years.

    I dont understand why are ppl so whory about the number of active acounts.

    If you delet or are deleting why do you whant to know how many players are there?

    You have followed the path of your leaders, now let the server go his own way ...

    Bye...see you all next year

    I'm happy 3 or 4!

    Nobody cares about the bloody server anymore, this is all one big joke. You're the only man trying to prove this isn't a fiasco.

    Good job, they'll give you a tablet! :)))

    M8 im not trying to prove nothing.

    I repeat: i came here just to play.

    I think nobody cares about the "massive" deletion if it happens.

    The remain will continue doing there game whit you or without you



    came back next year


    give this man a tablet, he has an opinion

    Thanks m8,but im not here for that.

    im here just to continue spend time and gold in servers that dont have a honorable end because weak teams decide to delet.

    It your way to try to minorize the winners ...

    When i was young i did know many ppl like that.

    When they are loosing they get the ball and go home just to end the game they cant win...

    Nobody will talk about the winners...they will only talk about the guy that took the ball...

    Cya and have a nice rest of server or deletion or whatever you do...

    please read my post (when a quoted you). You are still in the box. Be brave. It's a whole new world out there. Take a step.

    Sry m8 i dont play poker so poker stuff is not my thing.

    And i dont know what box are you talking about.

    I told before that im just a simple player. Nothing to do whit WW things or so on...

    About knowing what others have??? I think before the bug they already did...At least if they have done there work,so that doesn´t look me a valid reason.

    Seems you don t understand nothing about the game ,to begin with last year, italians don t attacks our ww,we don t attack italian ww,but same whas and with RU team and Prime PL,the delete proposal how much i know whas not from Dacia,whas from IM ,now to come about fair win in this server,i have only one question for you,who is the fair winner of this server ?

    The winner will be allway the winner.

    For some it will be a fair winner for others not.

    The fair winner is the one that takes the ww level 100 before others.That is waht will remain in the travian records...

    No mather o will win or not,fair or unfair, massive delet is the whorst think for server finals.

    If many ppl think like me , what is the point to spend so man time ,so many house problems(yes i know ppl that have there problems at home whit wifes/husbands because of this server),if near the end the alliances that have no chance to win will delet.

    Do you think that massive delet will bring more players in the future?Massive delet is a request from heads hat have no ability to win the server.

    If a leader ask me that near the end of a server i wouldnt acept that and probably would never play whit them again.

    So let me ask you now something...How will massive delet be good for the future of finals?How can you next year spect more players if many of them know that it is a possiblity the server dont end?

    My friend is your opinion.

    You have yours and i have mine.

    Let me ask you what is for you a fair winner?

    I see you last year make diplomacy whit 2 diferent squares to win that a fair winner for you?

    This year you came prepare to do the same. But this time you had no lucky.

    Before you crash in trainer you maybe think that you could have any chances to win.

    After you realise that it wasnt possible you came here talking about massive delet because this and that,but the main reason in that you are trying to apologize the fail of your "strategy" as you call it.

    It was dacia members that start this talk about delet...For more you do i think many ppl understand why you did it.

    Many ppl say they will not play this anymore...I bet whit you that next finals they will be here again...