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    But you do realize the whole world doesn't browse the Italian forum, nor understand your language, right?

    Maybe share some ideas and whatnot from .it forum, but in English?

    Like him, others asked to do a recap about what we discuss on IT forum, including Ameno that asked feedback about that 1.1 changing.
    So, if you don't want to read it (i tell this to the users up here), log out the forum and have a nice day!


    -more power to multihunters: if they caught you, they MUST ban you and not decrease your % damange like ALWAYS do nowadays. I hear, I know, I see thousand of player that get banned and than send a message to Mh and they say to him something like "it's not my fault, I haven't start the bot, my dog" and with that patetic excuse (or something like that), Mh give only 5% / 10% of pop structure reduce because in my opinion they are not fully supported by TG.
    With the rule 1.1, anyone with a little bit of knowledge and experience on this game can detect who is a multi and who is not like controlling the ip logging (if he log most like in proxy or normal ip), check if he is constantly under raid by the same players and even if he had defence troop he do not defend himself, if he give away his villages to the same player and stuff like that.
    A serious Mh can check all this things and make an own idea if an account play only for his benefit or for others benefit and that means that rule 1.1 (not pandora one's), in my opinion, is it good enough to detect who is multi and who not. Then, if they think one account is a multi, they must have the power to ban it without changing idea and get brain washed by the users who will definetly cry a lot with the Multihunter and he will say a lot of poo just to get away "easy".

    -better punishment: if you turn on a bot today and you get banned, i think you will get only 33% damage of pop/structure in the better cases because like i said before, if you speak with Mh after a ban you can decrease your % of damage if you know what to say to convince him.
    In the past, if you get banned because you used a bot, they gave to you like 50% damage of pop/structure and they delete all your troops. Today, the punishments for those who not follow the rules are ridicolous cause if you cheat and you get banned, you will have more advantages then anyone who don't cheat because the punishment is not enough "stronger" to incorauge a fair game.
    So, after TG gave more freedom and power to Mh to ban without any chance to the user to convince theme that they didn't cheat, you have to improve the punishment to discourage any tipe of cheating. Today, before turn on a bot, people think "I will have more advantages if I raid with it even if they ban me". With better punishment like were in the past, they will think "If I turn on the bot i will screw up all of my work and all the money that I put in this game. Better if I play following the rules."

    Posibly solution: for who get caught using bot -> delete of all troops and +50% damage of the pop/structure ecc.
    .for who get caught with multiaccounts-> delete of all multiaccounts, delete of all troops +50% damange of the pop/structure ecc.

    This are my ideas for the war against cheaters. They are not perfect because the Multihunters have to be very careful to analyze each case and not ban innocent people. But they are humans and human can mistake. However, i think this approach is a good one even if a small % of users will be banned wrongly. To reduce that % of mistakes that Mh can do, you have to prepare theme and not pick everyone who ask for be a Multihunter.

    If TG is not interested to war against cheaters (and in my opinion is not cause cheaters bring more money in TG pockets*), you could do something for who play honest and don't cheat making 2 international servers (one 1x and other one 3x) where proxy is illegal or with limited logs. If multiaccount exist is in large part because of proxy so those servers can be nice servers for players that want to play a fair equal game. The cheaters can play the others servers.

    *i say that cheaters bring money to TG pockets because I know people who fully gold multiaccounts just to pump up the main one so multi in the servers = more money for TG.

    And to be honest, i think its just silly to blame TG or the admins for this if none of you people has come up with a waterproof concept on how to approach and resolve this issue.

    Actually, in a italian thread we wrote many ideas on how to approach and resolve multiaccounting issue but Tg don't give a damn about those cause multi bring money to TG and this Is what they want: money, money and money!

    Rest assured I know what the consequences are, sweet summer child.Now, you may like them or not. But its not related to multi accounting.
    And I also dont see how cheaters would benefit from this rule change since they have already been doing this.

    And by the way, calling people with a different opinion newbies just disqualifies yourself and your whole line of argument.

    If you say "that rule changing Is not related to multi accounting" there are 2 posibilities:

    -you are a newbie.
    -you are so naive.

    I don't know you so I think you are just a noob that writes post only for +1 in his messages counter.

    Ps. Nobody said that cheaters will benefit of it but that now what they use to do became LEGIT.

    It is amazing how many people comment and complain on this rule change without even understanding what it means.

    We understand what it means. Some of you don't understand the consequence of it probably because they are newbies, including you.

    Who play this game for some years know very well what this changes mean to the future of this game and anyone Who Is not a cheater will be not Happy about that.

    They could improve the ban sentences insted of let use multi to everyone. Now if you are a cheater and mh caught you, they delete your multi and your principal account will have only 5% / 10% damage and that Is ridicolous cause you have more benefit if you play with multi instead playing "normale" even if they ban you.

    Method to reduce multiaccount exist like limit proxy logging, give more power to mh and major % of damage if they caught use multi like 50% damage and delete of troops and all multi.

    Read again. Multiaccounting is (obviously) still forbidden.

    Your eyes are close. Changing that rule equal to let cheaters starts X account and raid theme with no problem. I don't say that before there weren't multy but the rule was a good one cause " An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned."

    Now, cheaters can start X account in proxy and do what they want to do and it's all legal.

    Simple fix to all of this if you disagree with the new rule, just not bother to play pandora servers and maybe Travian will get the message, let the friendly chieifing abusers have their fun on a server with 10 players because everyone boycotts the pandora lol

    Not only many of us will not play pandora, but if that rule will be available to all types of server, will not play anymore Travian.

    Stop write bullcrap, @alessandra. Wolfpack that server play against 300 czech player in only 20 account and finish the server in Top defence below only the alliances that had a WW.
    Many player congratulet with us and ask Wolfpack to play toghether as one on the final. Player like Emerik, the boss of Romanian alliances and even czech bosses do that.

    So stop Rosik alessandra that you that server were kicked out Wolfpack because you caused many problems and think about this server where you are farm again as always.

    jajajajaajajajaj you delete in itx ???' check darling i take back the villo after 8 minmaybe someone rember you @Mr. Seven is a boss team during qualification against aegina go on vacation 3 times and live the player alone
    i m different from you maybe i lost a villo but i stay behind my player all time
    yesterday i was under attack but i prefere to send defence to simona koenig in sted then me

    anyway this is not a itx forum where your friends @Santi Licheri let you write what you like here we are on qualification forum please
    talk abaut this server

    I talking about this server, you are the one that doesn't. I see the report and personally I conquer villages of player that before i attack and become farm (if it's not a mission). So you are a farm and doesn't matter if you take it back because you lose all the troops that were "born" on that village and the upgrades in the blacksmith.

    Every server you play, they smash you. You disapointed me ones again!

    just delete system32 and its done lol. if you dont know how computer works dont give tips, keep growing that immense east european wealth and know-how,,)))))

    If you delete system32 you will lose all porn video that you have in your pc and then you will be more stressed then you are right now. Uninstall the browser Is the only way.