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    Vacation mode is a bad thing too? It's a feature like any other. Helps new players who stil don't know anyone.

    I totally agree, this game has many things to complain about, but I wouldn't say that vacation mode is one of them. I would really like 100 other things being fixed before doing anything to vacation mode, like for example improving the justice system they have to punish cheaters.

    Have you settled a village from the same village before using residence? Once u settle a village using either residence or palace u have to upgrade them to the next level where it is possible to settle (20 for residence/15 for palace) If u use residence at level 10, destroy it, and then rebuild palace to 10 it won't work.

    The sad is that they will always win this discussion, they can creat more accounts to show that techs should be allowed and it is an awesome strategy, no one can proof they are not the same person.

    Currently, as long as the meta doesn't have 240 players, it's easy to just swap the techs inside the team when needed in order to defend them. On a lot of servers, it's common to have metas less than 240 players strong, so even with confed limit, it's not an issue for tech users. Even if they can't join the main wings, they could just stay together in their own wing, and either all have a little bit of defense, or have a few defensive accounts in the wing to circumvent it.

    if by team u mean alliance, that of course should also be more restrictive, confed resources exchanges should also be limited by antipush system. By doing this techs could still be defended by creating an ally and inviting all techs inside. At least this would put a target and would make things much more difficult. I know the difficulty of identifying multiaccounts, but I really think that we all should put effort on something that is going to end up killing the game.

    What do u think about applying more restrictions in terms of anti-pushing? At least this would force techs/multies users to have them outside of the alliance so that they cannot be defended as easy as they are right now.

    If you have any suggestion how to handle the tech accounts problem, you can always give your idea. They implemented the confederacy system, now they can't freely defense their tech accounts. It does reduce the efficiency of tech accounts but not much.

    Everyone who plays this game legitimately like you and I don't like tech accounts abuser, but we have to admit it's a hard to find a solution for it, because obviously the developers don't want to ban players who "might or might not" be using tech accounts. Probably because the developers rely too much on the automated ban system(?) who knows.

    By applying an strict policy on anti-push protection things would get much better. Not a solution but an improvement.

    I'm a pragmatist. It's been argued extensively for two LoTs at least. They made a decision and I'm assuming this will be end of it, or given even less time to debate overall this year. That is why I said trying to change 1.1 at all will be moot. You can holler all day, everyday, but in the end TG makes the decisions. I personally don't like techs myself, but have had to accept it is increasingly part of the game.

    As customer I think that I have to use any available tool to express my dissappointment against the decisions taken, and so I'm doing, I'm also pragmatist, thats why instead of settling with that choice made I face it as much as I can.

    No you're not the only one. Just because TG doesn't want to hear about it, doesn't mean it shouldn't hear about it. It still remains the crucial topic and it's only a matter of time when it will come up again. Because it's affecting the game in a major way and it's causing more and more changes that are moving travian further away from what it is.

    I've checked hispano section of the forum today. And techs are not forgotten there at all. Although there's no LoT discussion there. Of course, you can hope the dust will settle, as much as someone else can hope the rules can be revised again. Once you start messing with the rules, you can never go back.

    This is week after week, first and second systematically raiding their techs, this breaks the game.

    And this just how the debate about techs dies? just cause you consider that TG doesn't want to hear of it and look to another place pretending as nothing is happening?

    No way, just the "techers" protect the use of techs and either I stop playing or keep fighting against it, and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one here that thinks like me.

    Friendly farming are legal except when it is from multi-acc. The multi-acc should got perm ban.

    And sometimes they claim to be the sitter to hide their multi-acc.

    Therefore I think the solution should be to limit Sitter duration to avoid Sitter abuse. Let say max Sitting day limit (SDL) is 7days. After that you cannot sit for that acc for the next 7days =Sitting Ban Duration (SBD). If you sit again for that acc in the first 7days after the first SBD, The 2nd SDL will reduce to 4days and SBD double. 3rd SDL 1days and SBD triple. 4th time permanent sitting ban.

    And if it is proven that more than 2acc play multi-acc or sitter abuse or cheating in an alliance, whole ally members will get penalty too. This is to promote honest gameplay and avoid associated with them.

    It gets as easy as establisihing a sitting rotation using more than 3 cheaters so that u can handle 6 techs acounts at the same time. Couldn't it be as easy as identifying what are the resources being used for and ban anyone who just takes profit for himself? Come on, we live in IA era, for sure code can be written to identify when mats are used to recover a capital or to feed defenses in a MW.

    Yeah I've seen that one before too, at this stage most of the veterans are buddies with the management team since they've played together for 10+ years. Malaysian server is a joke when it comes to this, one of the alliances there has such a long history that it's their guys who end up being MHs and all the bullshit that comes with that.

    Maybe a solution would be to buy some ice cream

    Again I have got my posts in that subforum banned, Unknown can u throw some light on this issue please?? Can u see how this game players are sick of these practices and transfer it to whoever it corresponds?

    Or you could just add 10 chiefs to the troops on that route until it's cleared to send again. Or any other troop you don't have enough of for the raid to send.

    He means market routes, not raiding list.

    To make this task easier what u can do is clicking the red cross with the scrolling wheel button. You will open 24 new tabs but it is much easier than going one by one.

    This thing is new for hispano servers, I started playing this game in 2008 and of course there were multiaccounts, but nothing as big as what's happening in ts3 with ÑAM alliance. The worst part of it is that we have proved that one person is managing all the "techs" and still the RET team is doing nothing.

    We have talked to the head of the managing team in the hispano domain and it looks like everything is arranged to let them cheat in the way they are doing, we are getting banned in the forum and any new thread that gets opened is ignored. They even deleted a post were I pasted the link to this thread. Are we really that unprotected against this practices? Is it enough to be friends with the administration to cover all the "illegal" things being done?

    Most of the text in the game uses the masculine gender for heroes, players, etc.

    I think it should be changed to either a neutral pronoun "they" or be changed to reflect the player in question. For example, I just sent my hero on an adventure, and my hero is female, yet the game text says "the hero is on his way", which is rather silly. There are not only males who play this game, and not all the characters will be male.

    Who are you to assume the gender of your hero?