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    Better believe in yourself. Sorry for unwanted advice.

    I always belive in myself. 🤔

    But yes looks like Web win the region so I understand the bitterness. :)

    I never attack anyone (Im a carrot) and I get spammed too. 🤷 But I dont care, my hero got more points. Yes she is a carrot too. 👍

    Yes web got "outplayed" thats why they are so angry. And yes thank you for make the game more interesting the last weeks.

    We are many in THC that have giggle behind the curtain the whole server. It has been a nice server. I have really enjoyed it.

    Or play your "better tactics" and keep cosplaying a vegetable:)

    Carrot, can I be a carrot please? Sweet and healthy.

    And if you think attacking is the only way to play a server you are totaly wrong. There is many ways to play and I have played them all. Even as a tech to a russian. ;)


    it wasnt us, who did ask nap lol. You better talk with your leaders first, then claim something on forum, cause one more time i will see such a lie here, i will start posting your leaders pms here.

    P.S for sure it was me who were looking for more healthy relations between us and thc, cause i thought that thc will start to fight with bedlam, if i knew how bad your ally is, i wouldn't even talk with your leaders to begin with. I was promised multiple time, that "Soon" thc will start to go there or there, but your ally did nothing for 2 month, except settling empty regions with low pop of bedlam with 0 fights on it. Thats all you did actually for whole server, and meh settled africa regions because we did let you to do that lol.

    ok 👍

    Yes please explain, I'm wondering too :D Have we used tecs accounts to unlock regions ? Perhaps have we bought accounts from Web ? Or have we been banned multiple times ?

    Maybe the russians has some problems with English and think cheating are something els than.. cheat 🙄🤷

    I mean its not our foult you want to have a nap with us.. and its not our foult that you all ignored us 3/4 of the server.

    Sorry I quote you Aurora, this is most to Web but I just contune on want you wrote.

    I agree with ELE, Leaders of THC have cheated to everyone (every leader and alliance) whom with they had any relations (NAP, Unity or any kind of these unities).

    They threw from board Basta! , Company and so on. They cheated to Web many times as well :)

    I think that they don't deserve even third place in this round.

    Webs and Bedlam, Continue hammering Cheaters!

    Please explain about cheating leaders. I think the members want to know.

    "Cheated to web many times as well"?? We had nap nothing more.

    This is real THC!

    If this is to end in fire

    Then we should all burn together

    Watch the flames climb high into the night

    Calling out father, oh, stand by and we will

    Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountain side

    And if we should die tonight

    Then we should all die together

    Raise a glass of wine for the last time

    Calling out father, oh, prepare as we will

    Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountain side

    Desolation comes upon the sky

    Go and cry somewere els Aurora! Im tired of your cryes on forum and private to enemies or in our discord channel.

    We have not lost any regions yet and the only things you do are complain. We are not torn apart only you are.

    I personally am looking forard to seeing what ismokeweeed does with his server leading hammer :p

    Ismokeweed just smoke weed, No hammer there you all are just high. 😁

    oh... "the sleeping bear"? Yes you slept the whole round... and what now? Will you sing the songs of the winners? whether it is deserved?


    The question arose - was it interesting to play the farm? :/

    I dont think you know where I play 🙄

    (And I just tryed to be funny)

    And take a chill pill boys and girls. Its just a game.

    We are not bears, we are spiders.
    Yes, come to our regions, we will be waiting, with open arms. And fangs :*

    I only want bear hugs!

    + as i sad we wont attack thc before thc attack us first, we waited for it and after we did break pon basta and thc start attacking us on the same hour, so my moral compass is fine:)

    log please? I told them to not poke the bear. 🤷

    A sleeping bear gets very angry if someone wake them up this time of the year. 🐻

    Well well if we settle in your regions I dont think you will be happy.

    Hello as you say Bedlam don't have chance for victory without fighting THC same could be said about WEB because they will be passed soon enough by them and with that NAP they could do nothing about that.

    Well, Web can take all not THC regions also. 🙄