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    You might want to know, if - with another rollback - the so-called "starvation bug" will be fixed or not.

    The answer is NO! - As we explained in details to your leaders, the so-called "starvation bug" is not a bug per-se, but a systemic weakness, players can abuse. What we can do is to implement other, not so popular, restrictions on the gameplay, to increase the chance of avoiding the bug (i.e. "all attacks/raids on Artefact and WW villages with lower than 10k units will fail automatically).

    You can't limit 10k units to artifacts / construction plans, because then You will not be able to pass plans by attacking by the hero, or destroy the treasury with catapults + a small number of units.

    Such serious limitations must be announced before the server starts, and not in a short time before plans, when nobody will be able to do missing 10 k units.

    Hi. I am sorry for keeping you wait. As soon as I get news they will be posted ingame as well (not only in this thread). Just to make clear, there will be additional solution to the situation, but I am not ready to say what would it be - rollback or any other. Still waiting for test results. First we need to make sure that solution for sudden starvation is found and won't affect the endgame anymore.

    Will You clarify this matter also?

    Bug Report


    I'm writing now, because I have just discovered that there is a topic about errors on the travian tournament serwer.

    On Saturday, after the construction plans appear, on two accounts, the players set target of attack "the nearest plans for construction" by entering the Treasury. These players had no connection with each other and did not contact each other.

    They set up attacks in the Rally Point, but they didn't send these attacks, in this way they wanted to check the time when they should send attacks.

    Around 13:25 - 13:30 they both noticed, that the attacks, they set up at Railly Point are on their way to construction plans.

    Players are sure, that they haven't pressed the sending attacks button "confirm", however, the attacks were on the way.

    One of these attacks did not matter, but during the second of these attacks, the catapults from the settlement next to the construction plans were destroyed. Catapults waited in the settlement to send them to reach the target after the offensive cleaning attack. Catapults were set at Rally Point, so that the player could see the time, when he has to send them.

    Both attacks, from two accounts, about which I write, found on the way to the target

    around 13 25, without the participation of players, none of them pressed the confirmation button sending the attack.

    Due to this error in the game, the Russians took over the plans located on the near the location 4 -35, because we had to send a catapult attack from the next village.

    The matter was reported to Polish MH on Saturday, however, we found out that there are no technicians at the weekend.

    Did someone from other countries have such a bug?

    Does anyone know where it can be directly submitted to the technicians to take care of the matter and explain it?

    Accounts where attacks set in Railly Point were on their way to constructions plans without the participation of players:

    Report from one of the attacks, during which the catapults from the settlement next to the construction plans were destroyed , the attack was on its way to the goal without the participation of players:…301911%7Ca8e03274&t=0&s=1

    On none of the accounts, on which players set target of attack "the nearest plans for construction" by entering the Treasury and they set up attacks in Railly Points, but they didn't send this, and the attacks were on their way to the target, the hacker didn't break in, nor did the unwanted person enter the password.

    It can't be that the winners of the construction plans are decided by the errors in the game, not by the players.

    Greetings - Ewa