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    Map issues are caused by cache and sometimes by switching between your account and a sitter. Try clearing cache and maybe cookies and reloading. That's always worked for me when I have a map issue.

    That said, I've never had THIS map issue, so :p

    GoT and del won’t team up there will be tit for tat attack’s nothing major untill after arties I call but I could be wrong we will see

    Alright, how about this:

    Shadow of GoT settled 8|3 (northeast, grey zone). This is like 6h by catapult from Entity of T.S. Closer maybe to that settle from the TSE or TCF dude.

    Grey zone looks more like a war zone this round than in recent memory.

    Seems like everyone is confed or napped up already anouther dull round for sure

    What alliance are you in?

    Sure, there are accounts in the non-SW quads that can (and should) be lost, but those major accounts -- basically all of them with good croppers, need to not fight one another if there are going to be enough resources pointed at GoT for anyone else to have a chance to win.

    For that reason, I support limited wars in NE, SE, and maybe my own quad to trim down some fat, but I mean, look at the sheer count of 150's. I know T.S. picked up a couple great ones, but two of them (at least) are either grey or right outside it. Hard to build an EGH there. So just consider how unbalanced the EGH count will be.

    There's a lot to be said about that.

    Still, I can see wars between the top tier alliances in the NE and the weaker ones -- I am skeptical of both the capslock kids (MARINES) and the Camelot -- they seem to be prime pickings. I wouldn't be surprised if you see TCF, TS, and TSE attacking them this server.

    In the SW, it looks like SEA will pick up Vik and YEET (despite the questionable choices made by whoever wrote YEET's alliance page), but I wouldn't be surprised if SEA sharpens their swords first on SES.

    I don't anticipate big action between SW and HFB (us), but we shall see.

    And finally, do you really think Del-SW and GoT are going to align? It's that or duke it out, innit?

    Basically, if you think this is boring already, methinks you outghtta find another browsergame ;)

    Like I did in my last server, I intend to leave a few notes as the server progresses.

    Day 12 Progress Report


    Hello, world. Welcome to the Spin Zone. I'm your host, The Burninator. Some things you should know about me: I'm a good looking, foul-smelling, dragon who is bad at travian, but (hopefully) good at thinking. I'm pretty sure there are alliances on this server that I haven't made fun of yet, and that's really what this space is for. So, without further ado,


    Text version, if you struggle with the image, is at the bottom hidden in a spoiler. (The text version is worse for me, but.)

    Spin me, TB!

    Alright, so the stats don't lie. GoT is a juggernaut. They've got a lock on sooo many of the top 100 players and a huge proportion of the good 15c's. But there is a lot in the NE, and I would keep an eye on my team. We've got a lot of good players. (See things like raid per player.) SE is weak, but can consolidate easily -- they won't be a non-factor if they unite, although weaker than NW united I think. NW and NE united can beat GOT. Challenge is NE has to unite. I don't think uniting two allies in the NW is hard :p

    Data for Day 12 report

    Winter is here. And The Burninator can never make up his mind.

    You know me <3

    @Burninator hows you doing, need a push for building settlers.

    What I really need is CP, but I won't turn down free resources ;)

    I'm bad at this game. Ask anyone.

    Also, I'm more than happy to bring some fun to the forums, regardless of who wins. Please, continue to mind me poking at you GoT folks and your "the fate of this server has already been determined" bit.

    By the look of server states and GoT numbers and domination of the first week cropper grabbing contest, it seems an another walkover server.

    See, there's so much to say about this. I don't mean to attack the way you and Plotinus seem to be looking at things. Getting those second villages down fast does tell us how much gold you spent in the first few days of the server, but just purely looking at the count of second villages is a mistake. I mean, can you tell me that 9c at -14|-14 was really a great capital settle? I'm going to settle later than that guy, but hopefully still end up with a more wheat-filled resource mix at lategame. Is that a common example or an outlier? Idk, didn't really look any further out. Just saying that it's more than a numbers game.

    Not to knock your stats though. I'm a huge stats nerd. I'll be doing an analysis and actually try to glean our chances of preventing a GoT win myself once caps are actually down.

    Sure. The alliance will win a game eventually, everyone gets a lucky break.

    Clearly it's not this server, but another five or six more years? No problem. We're routing for you. :thumbup::)

    Oh no, my own words twisted beyond recognition!

    Your entry into the daily contest is invalid though because you forgot to end your message with #wordplaywednesday. Thankfully. I'd hate to lose my own contest.

    If you think this has a happy ending... you haven't been paying attention.

    The more you tighten your grip, John92, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.


    You're on thin ice, Burn. Any more changes and your alliance name will be replaced with placeholder text in my table.

    I couldn't help myself ;) .

    I promise that our alliance will eventually have an actual name and tag for you. In the short run, I suggest the placeholder "eventual server victors," for the sake of accuracy.