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    I was being cruel to get Arnav to accept my challenge :p and he did so no point being a lame guy anymore xD hahahahaha

    Thumbs up for Heroes (y) and yes please do come if possible ^_^ will be a fun server again.

    Well, maybe u have to change the title of this thread: "I love arnav... please accept play with me."

    And, the most funny thing of all... the leader of AT , YD, etc.. is not u love, maybe u have to investigate more :whistling:

    Arnav <3 Pretty... thats the real true ;)

    The spirit of enric is now in some walls, with hands and feets pretty attached on them.... xDDDDD

    Uhhh, without their leader the whole alliance doesn't know how to built their accounts... that's tough... maybe he can leave some advice behind before he leaves? Poor Spaniards!

    Yes, poor us!! :( We dont know how to build anything...can u give us some advice? plisssss, plisss, plisss


    You seem to take this as bluster. Kamikaze Enric up there is a good competent leader and the whole team is something to be proud of.

    Dont worry Kit, lets see if he play the next round! :)

    Did u miss us? :p