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    Dear La Mala Ice,

    I afraid the strategy and game skill of TM warriors still can be improved in some espect.

    For example, members of TM like to rise their population very much. Most of the top 100 population players are belong to TM Alliance. It is good for economy development, but they also need to face population punishment when they attack MAD members. Therefore TM always face disadvantage when they attack MAD village.

    Also TM's strategy is to conquer as many as the number of regions, but not care the quality of regions. I afraid it is a bad strategy. TM and MAD also has around 60 members only. When TM has more region to defence, TM population in each region will be less(some TM regions have only around 10000 population each) . That why MAD can easily conquer TM region.

    From the beginning, TM has Numantia, Lutetia, Thebes, Londinium, etc. However if you want the power of Rivals great confusion, TM only need to conquer either one of them. TM choose conquering both 4 of these regions is wasting their energy. But MAD pay more attention on some important regions only, such as 'Increased victory point production' .

    TM pay attention on the number of regions brings another strategy mistake on diplomacy. The increase of number of regions cause TM has more conflicts on other Alliance. PB is being attacked by TM because of some regions. Therefore PB will never cooperate on TM.

    You still can make any excuse of TM's lose on your emeny side, but if all TM members have the same idea with you, I afraid TM will never advance and will be defeated again.

    PS: thank you all MAD players' support. Otherwise I can not survive from TM attack in May, 2019

    by hugo234

    A new player in MAD Alliance

    No thanks on tour 2019. The rollback wasted all NB Team and my effort from tour 2017 to tour 2018. I will NOT join tour 2019, and I will Persue all every NB Team members to do so.

    Shame on rollback, shame on the bug server, shame on the player who cause the rollback.

    Congrats on your wedding. Wish you will be MH and catch all cheaters in travian world, especially Pardora and Tournament.

    A few days ago, Blacksoul from MI alliance ask if he can (using resource push) buy my village in Alalie or not. I can not accept the trade because my only 20 level embassy located on Alalie. The second one still on building.

    Then yesterday I received attacks from mosca and Cap Caverna. I was frightened and called members for defence army. Therefore my members knew the case and want to make a surprise today.

    This is the history of stephencurry's action on Alalie.

    First of all, I have not insult you. I just says Mad no need to using multi or bots. If any words made you angry, I feel sad for it.

    Moreover I suspect if you have men inside Mad or not. Most of Mad members come from my team in tournament. They will not tell anything to you. Also their English is not good so that it is difficult to communicate with your friend by English.

    I do not know how to provide evidence to show my innocence, but except using lots of travian gold, we do not do anything to ruin the fun of the game.

    Roman is good. We can build resources and inside building at the same time. Also one more building list because of using gold. Some lazy Mad players like Roman very much, including me.

    I am not here during beginners protection, therefore I am not suitable to reply what's happening at that time. However I know some of Mad players movement doesn't like a human during tournament.

    They will not sleep because want to stop emenies continue vacation. They will set clock and wake up at midnight because they want to send army and arrive emenies village at the same time. Some players have written the strategy and teach the others how to build during beginners protection and start 2nd village as fast as possible,,,,,, Actually they are not human, of course.

    I am Hugo234 from Hong Kong. I was forced by friends to join Mad yesterday. Many Mad members including me are senior players in tournament, but junior players in Pardora. We are still exploring the game and no interesting on other like change the village name, especially only English can be used in Pardora.

    Maybe no one will believe us, but my team has at least 300 members during tournament. Added by some foreign friends, therefore we are no need to use any bots or multi.

    Chinese NB Alliance don't using mult-account, no better you guy believe or not.

    TG and mh are not NB's friends. If NB using multi, NB will be KO by them.

    The picture above is belong to a Chinese player called LSDG. I am only a poor guy who need to earn gold from writing warpost.

    Thank you Strategic. Thank you TG. Both of you are well done

    wait, russians hammers crashed before the time of the rollback, now are arriving on you?

    Focus on me sent one of his hammer crash 100 - 100 again. However the others are safety on their home, and do not come to 100 - 100 again

    Before rollback, 7 union hammers can only destroy 12 levels of IM wonder. They will not come again. They will send another hammers

    I suspect admin is supporting Russia Union. The Union hammers should be crashed in 100 - 100 during 25/2. However how they are stopped by admin and all being save.

    As admin interpret the game, Travian is not worth to play now. Maybe you should think about quit from Travian and tell this case to all Italian travian players. I will do so after final18/19

    This time if the server has bug again, the Travian manager should EDITED

    Anyway, this time will that person got his punishment?

    Just want to say IM-NB is innocent in this case, but also need to suffer lose. Several Union hammers who crashed IM wonder in 25/2 will being reborned.

    Moreover IM-NB start joint attack against some alliance at that time. Some IM-NB players already starting jonerney but some still not yet start. The joint-attack movement will be disturbed by when the server will be opened.

    If the player who create this trouble no need to suffer punishment, I will feel disappointed on Travian officer. I sware I will try my best to spread this case to the society of HK TW & Cn Travian. Let them justify if Travian is worth to play or not.