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    You only need an embassy to join an alliance - so no need to rebuild one in your second village before you delete the embassy you have.

    Yeah, should be good to test out on one speed server on .com to see what tweaks that must be made before offering it as a normal product. Catz made two great points.

    Isn't every alliance affected the same when it comes to not getting their gold back? It's a bug affecting the gameplay for some, but surely it isn't unfair? Unless people with less means are all drawn to one alliance, and the rich to another?

    Glad I waited to buy more gold :p

    The handling of the server issues doesn't make sense to me. Is it that compensation rules kicks in if they disconnect the server for a day to properly fix stuff? Would that warrant players to file Payment disputes? Something else? Would be good to get some tech person in the know to educate us.

    I appriciate things can go sour tech wise, but any goodwill I had was lost after last week events. Account is on delete (granted, not a big account this round, might have tried to stay if I had invested more time). Shame as the politics of the server seemed interesting.

    What Travian really means is compensation. But that would entail recognizing that there was a loss/injury to accounts both in terms of game play and gold use.

    A gift is more of a "down time happen, but we are willing (out of kindness) to give you something here".

    Did Agge quit? He used to come on forums when there were huge tech problems or when admins didn't behave. Drakoon (tech?) also has posted on forums before.

    Instead of pushing cms with little info in front of them, they could come and explain what happened themselves?

    Yeah, got no jams, seems to be working normally again in comx.

    I'll have a pint of lager with a side of roll back if possible please.

    Is this a huge problem? I understand some people will try to exploit, but the few that tries should get a ban in return. Toggle it during contests if need be.

    Alternativly, extend the edit time to a reasonable time, like a few hours, and limitless for the creativity forums as suggested above.

    I only ask since I have not seen this being a problem on a domain with no limits and high traffic. Try it out and check logs of edits of old post as a test perhaps? More work for mods, but mods generally have little to do compared to a few years ago, so this will go down well :D

    travian-reports is the best thing since travilorg (or what'sitsface). Appriciate it if people could use that over getter, but I'll survice regardless :)

    Has DoH gotten any hits in on you guys yet?