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    Did i ever said Dacia players are bad? I see dacia(Aswell as Hun,cs, 777) as a bunch of strong accs, where the avg lvl are very high compared to the rest of the metas.
    With this strong core, why on earth do you even think of making diplomatic adjustments to find more help?

    Yes, russians do split up very much and yes, thats thier problem. If they only wanted to win, maybe they should play all together.

    But again, why on earth did you try to recruit more metas to fight the "common russian" with/for you? Didnt you ask, atleast one of the big metas now, to attack "Ru" ? If 700 good dacian accs make 60kk def, cant they stand a chance solo then?
    Tbh, im not sure if 700 in Dacia are Dacia named only or Dacia+Cs+Hun+777, but i see them as one.

    Whats so frightening about skipping any diplomatic interaktion, if your own meta would win anyhow?

    Any comments on why it's often a fair amount of catas in the reports in Endgame Day 2 but not enough of troops to make a bigger damage?

    Because everyone just want to win no matter what, they do not want to play the game. Atleast some of them(Alliances/metas). It comes to a certain point where the amount of defence makes hammers useless and it seems Dacia always secure thier win by making diplomatic relations during the server. If they do not get enough people to play, they just ally some more because they might be sacred of what a "close" fight might bring.

    And thats my comment.

    Please, read this post carefully : [Travian: Legends] Changelog
    If BP position are occupied, the bp shall appears near to the position. Not 30 slot far away like this morning

    Please think again. IF spot is TAKEN 5 min before drop, maybe it doesnt will be treated as a free spot? If spot is free for 1 hour before drop, it should drop there.

    Im not saying how it is, just pointing out possible explenations for it not to spawn upon the exact coordinates even if it were free.
    What was the closest spot free , other than -55 -19 (that were removed within 5 min from drop) for example?

    The question is: to take away advantage of the enemy, the only velox...


    Moreover, a month ago, a Russian friend had already mentioned to me a possible change...
    (a confidence of a friendly CM...)
    But I expected an official announcement ...

    So you are saying you knew about possible changes and still blames russian that they knew about it? Pathetic