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  • Scyllo -

    Replied to a comment by nonos1er on Scyllo’s wall.

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    Bonjour nonos1er,

    Le S1 fonctionne de nouveau correctement.
    Toutes nos excuses pour la gêne occasionnée.
  • kirilloid -

    Liked wishmaster3’s post in the thread Troops defending another village.

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    Population of the account they are defending, not village.
  • Offspring_UK -

    Liked notorious crunchie’s post in the thread TS3 WW Thread.

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    Cretin always runs one of these on uk1 and although he tells me off constantly for spamming them I do think they’re pretty awesome. So let’s have one for uk3 :) (Apologies for the dodge formatting, the…
  • Papy -

    Now follows loloetalex_FR.

  • Papy -

    Now follows Razorbak.

  • nonos1er -

    Wrote a comment on Scyllo’s wall.

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    ça marche passssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • T_DansLaMerde -

    Wrote a comment on Scyllo’s wall.

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    Signup Closed! c'était un bon serveur merci beaucoup
  • Redloved_FR -

    Wrote a comment on Scyllo’s wall.

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    Impossible de m'inscrire : Signup closed
  • dolongdao -

    Now follows Nikita.

  • loce_FR -

    Wrote a comment on loce_FR’s wall.

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    Team COMIX
  • ihsanmeric_TR -

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  • Matrix -

    Wrote a comment on LamAnh0808’s wall.

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    [mình vô nạp gold. vô " mọi biện pháp thanh toán khả dụng" click vô chổ thẻ VISA cũng ko dc nhe ad ( ko chạy gì cả).
    vô kiểm tra lại dùm.]

    Bạn có thể nhắn tin cho Admin ở trong game để hỗ trợ mình kiểm tra vấn đề được không?
  • Hell's Lullaby -

    Replied to the thread Travian is broken.

    Quote from Hawkery: “Quote from Naughty: “Quote from Ameno: “Hi all. Sysadministrators are already on the issue. Please, sorry for the inconvenience. We'll do our best to fix it asap. ” This is all very well and good saying this. But like all the…
  • Ultras19 -

    Wrote a comment on Ultras19’s wall.

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    Nobody is perfect. . .I'm nobody.
  • Rock -

    Wrote a comment on Valencio’s wall.

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    ti ho risposto