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  • Teebles -

    Wrote a comment on Templar Knight’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Hi, tinypic link is not working for "eagle eyes" competition. I did the job just using photo editor. How can I upload the result image?
  • rastogi2008 -

    Wrote a comment on Templar Knight’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Hi, since tinypic is down since yesterday, can i post a screenshot by lightshot as an answer for eagle eye contest?
  • notorious crunchie -

    Replied to the thread UK2 Discussion thread.

    Ah mistress mental I know
  • WhatTheScott? -

    Replied to the thread UK1 - Discussion Thread.

    alot of moaning here really. At the end of the day GoTN are just the superior alliance. It happens. Alliances all join a server but only one can win. Put it down to whatever you like; spoiler alliances, poor leadership, whatever. Its all apart of the…
  • Rocio21 -

    Replied to a comment by combusken_CL on Rocio21’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Todo bien.
    jajaja algo asé, el vicio me pudo este año, ya casi estoy por terminar un server.
    Por qué te querés retirar? Entiendo que ya no es lo mismo de nuestra época, no? Pero, aún así es entretenido ^^
  • Godan -

    Now follows meg.