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  • MadZ -

    Liked PhanouX_FR’s post in the thread UK3.

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    maybe change the colours as well next time instead of just the numbers :p LMAO
  • MadZ -

    Replied to the thread Efficient simming starting guide.

    Dude I'm not trolling, you're clearly just over sensitive that your way might not be the only way. I've never said it was a bad guide, I'm just saying that guy that "approved" your guide hasn't settled very quickly for a speed server...
  • neon -

    Replied to a comment by I Am GrooT_PL on neon’s wall.

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  • Barvaz_IL -

    Replied to a comment by OmerV_IL on Dolevlevy_IL’s wall.

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    אני דווקא אוהב אותך
  • Cretin_UK -

    Liked Lemon’s post in the thread UK Goes To Munich!.

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    First of all, I need to address why the post has been delayed so much...As a lot of you know, I'm a student...And I do actually have exams to prepare for, which is more important than anything else at the moment. A lot of the information has already…
  • Jeanne dArc -

    Now follows Tony Stark.