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  • Ameno -

    Liked sommerfuglen’s post in the thread Merged server name.

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    The Commonwealth of Nations, normally known as the Commonwealth, is as far as I have read, an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states that are mostly former territories of the British Empire. The Commonwealth as an organisation was founded in…
  • .............. -

    Liked Locke Lamora’s post in the thread UK2 Discussion thread.

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    Quote from ..............: “Quote from HarLi: “Oh I have an idea but you need to show what you mean and confirm your account. There is no leader in BSB who is Roman and yet you fly it around as if that is true. Come on, show your source. ” I don't…
  • The Helens -

    Replied to the thread Scout artefact question.

    the effect is only in their scouting power not in their general battle power.
  • Stellamini -

    Replied to the thread [UK] Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog.

    T4.4 (hotdog) Patch 177.2 (3699) Bugs that have been fixed: TRAIVBXXIV-6440 - Send troops: "Raid' is no longer set as default when logged in as sitter TRAIVBXXIV-6419 - All tribe specific buildings are deleted when village turns into Natar…
  • KnowToFail -

    Posted the thread Scout artefact question.

    Hey, so reading up on the description of the scout artefact it reads: This artefact makes your scouts ‭X×‬ stronger than normal. All scouts in the village, as well as all scouts sent for spying from this village, are affected. Additionally, you can see…
  • Gyevocska_HU -

    Replied to a comment by Officer on Gyevocska_HU’s wall.

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    A gmail a promóciók mappába szokta rakni az ilyen jellegű leveleket. Ha sehogy sem sikerül, akkor másik e-mail címmel kell megpróbálnod. Sajnos a nem aktivált fiókokat mi nem látjuk, csak a rendszer tárolja.
  • LazVeGas -

    Now follows menesmer58_TR.

  • Baguette -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    No, Sommer ?
  • Officer -

    Wrote a comment on Gyevocska_HU’s wall.

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    SZiasztok, Tegnap indult a Hu.1 és nem tudok rá regisztrálni. Ha regisztrálni akarok azt mondja van már fiókom, mikor belépek azzal, kér egy aktiváló kódot ( vagyok) amit nem kaptam meg, majd rányomok az újraküldésre és kéri hogy…
  • Wolkenengel -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    Reporting for duty. Stellamini?
  • sommerfuglen -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    I'm flying around, making strange things for a date that soon comes ;) Maybe Wolkenengel would visit?
  • HarLi -

    Replied to the thread UK2 Discussion thread.

    Quote from ..............: “...snip... ” Oh, that. Well now you are stiring the pot there. A for borging no, members of North do that, then give up their accounts. As far as I am aware those troops are already back a long time ago. Maybe it was an…
  • Lemon -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    How did you know? Sommer where you at?
  • Yowie -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    Hai Lemon next.
  • themightyreds -

    Replied to the thread UK4 Discussion Thread.

    a very active uk4, can't be bad, its usually a bore fest
  • themightyreds -

    Liked Moogle’s post in the thread UK4 Discussion Thread.

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    Can't wait to play a merged server with more of these American snowflakes lmaoooooo