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  • boombapnation -

    Liked KnowToFail’s post in the thread The tragic tale of KnowToFail.

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    Note: a lot of reports were excluded either because there were simply too many of them and werent importatnt to the story, or I couldnt find it (aka. the Putin 110k hammer hit on day 90 or so). The time before the UK1 - round 12. The glorious days of…
  • Milesias -

    Liked Beetroot._UK’s post in the thread End Game WW's.

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    Some genius enemies we play against :) LOL thanks POTC WW HIT POTC vs SEA Converter - Battle reports Travian LMAO WTF??
  • APenguinOverlord -

    Liked lols’s post in the thread UK1 - Discussion Thread.

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    It is trash talk when you're trying to bash them without anyone from there actually saying something. You literally caught on one of my quote where you mentioned CTL and started going against them. I just don't see what other reason for that would be…
  • Yowie -

    Replied to the thread Game Guess who posts next.

    I'm wondering if Mercedes might visit?