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  • Arapiles -

    Replied to a comment by Garrick on Arapiles’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Vale, ya lo vi
    Tienes mejor memoria que yo

    Y te aclaro que soy UN Tartarus, no UNa Tartarus
    Como ponia en ese link, se me colaria la ultima A......:)
  • FireTeam -

    Replied to a comment by The Olympus on Knuckles’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    וגם תודיעו מתי יפתח השרת
  • kuo -

    Posted the thread Can't view daily quests.

    I click on the green "Click for details" box and nothing happens. I have logged out/back in, cleared cookies and cache, and used a different browser. It seems to be an account related problem since it works for the person I'm sitting for and on other…
  • Arapiles -

    Wrote a comment on Garrick’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Athens, se acuerda de todo el mundo......:)
    Pues nada encantado y si suena lo que me cuentas
    Se supone que Tartarus volvera en agosto o septiembre

    Salve.....Garrick, Arapiles te saluda.....:)
  • The Olympus -

    Wrote a comment on Knuckles’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    מה יהיה הפיצוי של שחקני השרת החדש שנרשמו לפני הסגירה שלו?

    Wrote a comment on Dodger’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    привет. мы играли с тобой в одно время TT 2012 HM T-34), TT 2013 (Airborne)
  • Ibrahim Risyad_ID -

    Wrote a comment on MTHRFCKR’s wall.

    Wall Comment
  • Ibrahim Risyad_ID -

    Now follows MTHRFCKR.

  • iRonik -

    Wrote a comment on yosley’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Happy Birthday!
  • cumberdale_UK -

    Liked Ameno’s post in the thread New standard map size for Travian: Legends game worlds.

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    Dear Community, We know you are asking for this feature for long time. Finally we are able to implement it in the Travian: Legends game worlds. What are we talking about? The reduced map size. You enjoyed it on Fire and Sand, and…
  • chainsawdaz -

    Liked Sup son’s post in the thread UK 3x F&S - Discussion Thread.

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    Quote from chainsawdaz: “Sup son, was wondering what happened to you since you used to post all the time in this thread then went AWOL, ;) that gif picture really creeps me out, lol ” Yeah after vicious went afk, We did on bo too. Was mostly the others…
  • mutley_UK -

    Replied to the thread Analysis UK4 Server Analysis - by KnowToFail.

    Quote from Yar_NL: “He wasnt wrong though. I, Abroham, hereby pledge that I shall reunite this server under the same banner. And together we shall conquer these virgin lands from the Natars! ” YES then we all win! Quote from Foxache: “Quote from…
  • mutley_UK -

    Liked Foxache’s post in the thread Analysis UK4 Server Analysis - by KnowToFail.

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    Quote from mutley_UK: “ngu/ns are teaming up with bro force? Was merging the whole northwest not enough players for them? ” Sorry if the sentence did not read clearly, the thought was ~PP~ + BROFORCE at a later stage as a SE Meta. NS/NGU are a de…
  • Lemon -

    Replied to the thread UK 3x F&S - Discussion Thread.

    Yep, you heard it here first. Some of the most known people who have played for like 8-10 years are cheating to beat an ally who barely use gold. *insert sarcastic clap emoji*