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  • Rtelling -

    Replied to the thread Hot keys.

    Hi there, thanks for the reactions. I do play with travian plus and i am familiar with the link list. It's a great feature! What i am asking is that you can also set hot keys to do certain action. This does include the link list. Lets say you want to…
  • Kobra-zombi -

    Now follows Rémségek_HU.

  • Susano -

    Now follows Administrator.

  • Susano -

    Wrote a comment on sph1nX’s wall.

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  • Rawnie_UK -

    Replied to the thread New Year's Special UK 29 General.

    At some point we lost track of the fact that I never wanted an experienced player and a heavy gold user to play Egyptians offense. I never claimed it will be as good as a specialized group. Only for new or semi active players, who still want to try a…
  • Rawnie_UK -

    Liked notorious crunchie’s post in the thread New Year's Special UK 29 General.

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    SO... about that UK29 hey ..... If you're a deffer, build what ever you want out of werever you want... you'll never make 600k def. Or rather, if you can, you wouldn't have asked in the first place....
  • Spencer -

    Replied to a comment by Susano on Spencer’s wall.

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    Isn't it awesome? lol
  • Gyevocskaa -

    Wrote a comment on Gyevocskaa’s wall.

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    Tisztelt Érdeklődő! Törölni szerettem volna innen, de sajnos nem tudok. A névcserével azt akartam kifejezni, hogy elhatárolódok az olyan közösségtől, ahol a rasszisták jelenléte nyíltan engedélyezett, és támogatott, és az aki a…