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    I m trying to follow interesting threads on forum regardless of the languages, but naturally, I read threads on the languages I know more often. Turkish language is something I have to google translate. Your thread caught my sight though :) You have great…
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    Wrote a comment on Hisoka95’s wall.

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    ciao stiamo cercando sharer per un account al prossimo 3x sei interessato?
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    Wrote a comment on Bondino’s wall.

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    ciao caro stiamo cercando anche noi sharer in quanti siete voi magari ci uniamo... scrivimi al 3277353615
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    Replied to the thread TS2 SnoozeFest Mafia - Don't believe the hype....

    Since you’ve persisted in carrying on the same argument, despite repeated warnings, this thread is now closed. If you want to start up a fresh discussion regarding the original topic of this thread then please do so, but keep it on topic.