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  • notorious crunchie -

    Replied to the thread TS3 WW Thread.

    That’s what it was on the last uk server I played
  • Sirius -

    Replied to a comment by Comrades on Sirius’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Henüz bilgilerini yazmayanlar var net bir şey diyemiyorum maalesef
  • Offspring_UK -

    Replied to the thread TS3 Spy stories.

    Suppose it's one way now to catch persistant farm spikers. still don't like the fact defers get the points now though.
  • Juno77 -

    Now follows Gyevocska_HU.

  • Comrades -

    Wrote a comment on Sirius’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Tahminen ne kadar sürer hesaba geçmesi?