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The Tournament 2018 Qualification has started!
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The dev diary about The Journey of a bug is now available!
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  • Marksy_UK -

    Replied to the thread TS4 A tale as old as time....the Monkey and the Beast.

    I don't know who that Alex guy is that Daegon always talks about, but he sounds like an absolute legend!
  • Marksy_UK -

    Replied to the thread UK1 - Discussion Thread.

    Converter - Battle reports Travian When you send so many fakes that you almost have more TKs than clubs... and forget to train rams... :D (there were 2k TKs in a follow up wave as well). Followed up by 5x 500 clubs plus 200 catas and one of those had an…
  • yardenpel -

    Wrote a comment on Knuckles’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    שלום. מנסה שוב לקבל תגובה....
    שלחתי לך הודעה פרטית, זכיתי בתחרות, ולא ענית לי....
  • notorious crunchie -

    Replied to the thread Game improvements.

    Quote from ELE: “Quote from notorious crunchie: “So with 10x scouts that is the equivalent of losing 350k scouts in one scout attempt? Please provide me that report, in the meantime I will just sit here laughing away. ” I have never said a single…