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  • Mouse-Keyboard -

    Replied to the thread Game Count to 1,000,000 (and back).

    33,272 - EEZTZ ...ladies
  • appleseedy -

    Replied to the thread farming vs simming.

    its pretty much as I thought. I used to love the early game raiding, seeing could I hit 2nd village first. Build 300 macers and hope they rushed you too your three parties and settlers before dying out :D Oh well, I have less time now anyway so I…
  • bulez_ID -

    Replied to the thread Game Count to 1,000,000 (and back).

    3 3 2 7 1
  • Empathy -

    Liked jojoh_UK’s post in the thread SERVER 2 Not allowing registration.

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    We have a whole skype room of people who have been trying to register since 5am I think its a bit more than cookies and cache
  • TURK -

    Wrote a comment on ArTeS’s wall.

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    Çaldığın o rankı yerine koy lütfen .
  • Tigereye -

    Replied to the thread farming vs simming.

    5 accounts with 2nd village on Danish speed, a little more than 2 days old. 3 gauls and 2 romans accounts, none in the top10 farmers and 4 of these account with zero offpoint (last account have 7 off point). So simming is king, at least for a small speed…
  • atilla279 -

    Wrote a comment on Templar Knight’s wall.

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    How to register for com80 server?
  • Стюрбьёрн_RU -

    Wrote a comment on Стюрбьёрн_RU’s wall.

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    Не желали ютландцы, дань платить кораблями,
    доколе не стали Стюрбьёрновы, на скалы берега звери.
    Вот ныне Дании вождь вступил в военные рати,
    страны и людей лишенный, живет невольником доли.
  • Buckyx -

    Replied to the thread farming vs simming.

    used to love farming till T3.6, started playing again on T4.4 although only speed servers I still wont bother farming early game with even huge activity becuase its too easy to build up crannies and build units and hero within beginner protection. also…
  • Buckyx -

    Replied to the thread merchants.

    yea, sometimes I send full merchants to new village when I quickly write down vill name :D
  • phamduan002 -

    Wrote a comment on phamduan002’s wall.

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  • thedamixx_COM -

    Wrote a comment on roycooper_COM’s wall.

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  • Rasvak -

    Replied to a comment by Krusthyy_ES on Rasvak’s wall.

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    Bro te mande mensaje y nunca me lo contestaste jajaja agregame al face mejor :D
  • kit -

    Replied to the thread Speed 3x Ukx 25 - Rumour Mill.

    Quote from Tombo457: “Quote from Blazingwolves_UK: “Quote from Tombo457: “Rumour has it I'm quitting because this new update looks like it was designed and coded by a 10 year old. ” rumour has it you were quitting last server? but your always…
  • RompiGirl_IT -

    Now follows Lady Hawk.

  • Marcos Bro -

    Wrote a comment on Marcos Bro’s wall.

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    Jugando actualmente el s2
    Esperando el pekes 3.0 ..........
  • alestorm_UK -

    Replied to the thread farming vs simming.

    on uk2 I've just done a not very scientific count of 18 players with 2nd villas, but only 2 of the current top 10 raiders have their 2nd villa. Of the top attacking ranked players, only 2 of the top 20 have 2nd villas. It will have a lot to do with oasis…
  • m.hudson -

    Replied to the thread iPad app.

    There are two tolerated apps Travile and Travmobile both of which should be availible for idevices and droids. These apps are the only third party apps permitted with the permission of TravianGames