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  • Travian's new look :)

    Muhahahaha_UK - - Game Suggestions


    I think its ok. I just posted a reply in other thread.

  • Travian's new look :(

    Muhahahaha_UK - - Game Suggestions


    Im going to be contrary and say i like the new look. I like it when things are upgraded. They havent even done that much to it in my eyes. They have just tweaked some of the colours, buttons and backgrounds but still kept the overall feel and position of the main features of the game. Certainly looks way better than the bland old school whiteness and block colours. Everyone is getting faster internet speeds, better cables and routers, bigger RAM and better PCs - whats the problem with upgrading …

  • New tribes? This is something that people have been asking for for years so i hope it goes well and everyone doesn't put on their usual moany face. It might be like when they introduced the heroes and everybody eventually loved it and the extra dimensions it added to the existing gameplay

  • Yeah i see nothing much has changed in the gameplay really, now that i've had a fiddle. I suppose with everyone having more bandwidth and ISP speeds its no wonder they felt it was ok to up the bytes a bit and add a bit more colour to the place. The older version was pretty basic on the graphics front lets face it!

  • Hello. This all looks very different from what i remember from a few years ago. Interesting. More 'cartoony' graphics this time round! Im sure ill have fun getting the hang of it all over again. Any tips for this more modern and fiddly-looking version then folks?

  • Mods vs Members

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    50 - what fun tally ho and all that