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  • Day 1. How to get into trouble

    Zeroed - - Hero adventures


    Monday is the only day where both Guards are lying about lying. Therefore you can be certain that on this day both are telling the truth.

  • Quote from MarkokraM: “should have guessed with forum nickname and all ” Whoops...

  • Played under Zero, initially started the server with Trouble however it became clear very quickly his intentions lay elsewhere so made the switch to Carnage. Chris and Rhino were excellent players. Full credit to MM, what a force.

  • Quote from MarkokraM: “Shame that you were zeroed before the round was over! I feel like pun king now ” If only it were true. I deactivated long before any major events unfolded, life presented me with an opportunity that had to take priority over this. However, I was always keen to look back on my fellow players and see how this unfolded! I wonder, does anyone know if WhiteRhino finished the round?

  • Loved reading this, looked like it made for an amazing round. I tip my hat off to you all and wish I was able to make it to the end!!

  • UK4 Restart

    Zeroed - - S4


    I was with Carnage last server till around the mid game, just after artefacts release. Were definitely a number of great players on their however no idea who is coming back this time round. Loved reading the tale about last server as it was interesting to see whether Carnage defeated MM! Look forward to returning, any old friends and old enemies are always welcomed hahaha