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  • Maybe the two RD alliances could do the opposite to the rest of the quads and become hostile, maybe encouraging the rest of the quads to follow suit? Or maybe just RD vs RD because, you know, why not?

  • I'd say it is all about rewarding the players for getting into the position. However, even if the rewards for claiming a top ten spot isn't much to the regulars, a smaller player may be inspired by the rewards, etc.

  • The top 10 is good as much as it allows the winners to put some pixels on their page, however there is no reward in real terms. In the past there has been no real reward for the top tier competitive players in FIFA (focusing on Ultimate Team), however the introduction of a new tournament system (FUT Champions) enabled the experienced and good players to earn in-game currency by playing (and winning) and the game consistently (whilst also encouraging the lower quality players to work on their pla…

  • The concept art for this is absolutely gorgeous. I wish more of the Travian art was available in this format.

  • The Rumour Mill

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    Quote from Nick: “you have no idea of what your talking about Freya.... you just sound Salty lol ” Nothing has changed there, then!

  • Hero art

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    Bored waiting for a few things to build (the joys of no gold). So here's a quick doodle I did on gimp (needs to be tidied up (shading, smoothing, focusing etc.)) but not bad for a 1:30am sketch. Hope you enjoy:…b2f0e5308c51c2e41c00ee02b

  • whats going on ... on UK3

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    As it was a borg, I was delighted to not just hit def. So, yes.

  • whats going on ... on UK3

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    Plenty going on, it is just much more convenient keeping it to our selves.

  • Hi, is there an up-to-date guide on playing non-cap hammer (for Gauls)? Preferably one which doesn't rely on a large stash of gold?

  • Quote from Joe: “@ Crossbow - We RD players would appreciate it if you do notdiscourage Crunchie from posting in the forum, please? Not only does it free up the alliance Skype chat fromCrunchs repeatedly failed attempts to get resource pushes and nude images sent,but we've already spent far too long discussing whether to get an obligatorysparkly uni-tard installed as the official alliance uniform. Nobody ever wantsto hear his conspiracy theories on Halloumi again…. Help us out mate, please? ” Ho…

  • So, this is what you do when you're bored? Go to Waterstones and get a good book!

  • There's been small scale response, enough to keep it not dead, at least. A few cap hits and feeder hits.

  • Poor quality of players? Or maybe you just lack context?

  • Quote from Inky: “ Do you guys really think you will get far with 200k deff ? ” You have to get by with what you have.

  • Howdy, just interested to see if there have ever been shorter normal speed servers or not. A 10-11 month server is good for setting up an account, however a shorter, normal speed server gives other challlenges and is less time intensive (you never know whether in 4 months you'll still be free to play). So, basically what I'm asking is, do people like the length of the servers? Not to generalise, but younger people have shorter attention spans, so an 11 month game would most likely exclude a larg…

  • Decided to give a server a go, however I was unable to log in for a day or two after I registered so missed that time in setting up infra, etc. I see that a lvl 10 cranny is the equivalent of about 16 phalanx, and the phalanx train whilst I'm away, and therefore are less time instrusive. Is this a good strategy? Any hungry attackers may wish to avoid me if their losses killing my defense is more than the resources they gain.

  • I only know one other player, and I was thinking of just playng on my own, so I wouldn't have the support of others, just whatever I can build on my own. Would definitely be interested in talking with experienced players, though. A nice army you have there.

  • OK thanks, guess Gauls are the best to go for. I had a search, and playing defensively doesn't seem very fun, you only get action when you're attacked, however as an attcker, you get action whenever you feel like it. What size army could do some damage?

  • Hi, a friend a while bac introduced me to Travian, I liked the concept, but was put on an account on a server mid-way through so was a little intimidated by the job at hand. Before I register, I'd like to know the real difference between the three tribes. Gauls are best for newcomers? I'd hope to become fairly experienced as soon as possible, so will the 'good for newcomers' positive be negligent and therefore make me annoyed for choosing it later on? What are the real benefits of each tribe, ho…