Pinned [COM]Travian Legends Changelog

    Important reminder! On Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at 10:00 UTC we will ask you to accept the new Terms and Conditions while logging in your game account. Only the owner of the account will be able to accept them. The sitters won't be able to enter the account until the owner accept them.

    More information here.

    • T4.4 (fatcat) Hotfix 48.5

      Dear players!

      On July 5th 2018 at 09:00 hours GMT +1 a new patch will be installed
      across all game worlds without any downtime expected.

      The following will be implemented....

      - Players will no longer get offensive/defensive points nor gain hero exp when killing own troops
      - Players raiding their own village's will no longer get raid points

      Your Travian Legends Team

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    • Dear players!

      A hotfix will soon be installed on all servers worldwide to correct the following....

      - Alliance members' new points are now calculated correctly in the Statistics "Defenders of the week".

      Rollout: with downtime (1 - 5 min)

      Date: 10.07.2018 ~15:00 UTC+1

      Sorry for such a short notice.

      If you experience any issues after the patch installed, please, try to clear cache first.

      How to clear cache in most conventional browsers:

      1) Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete
      2) Choose Clear cache
      3) Choose "all time"
      4) Click Delete Data

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    • [Release] Deadcat 102.3

      - A Player can see alliance invitations in the Embassy even if they already belong to an alliance

      Bugs that have been fixed:
      - Exchanging gold and silver will no longer break tooltip display
      - It is not longer possible to break the internal info page of any alliance
      - Wrong tab order in live worlds Statistics has been fixed
      - Data is now loaded correct when switching between farm lists
      - Attack option is now disabled for sitters when opening natar village from map
      - Invite IGM is only sent once per alliance
      - Trying to leave alliance and introducing wrong password no longer opens a new popup
      - Entries do not get duplicated after editing raids in the Farm list
      - Repeat attack coordinates are now pre-filled after selecting a different village in Reports
      - Farm List Error messages are no longer displayed as popups
      - Training 3 Settlers before the quest appears will now also tick it
      - Alliance Bonus box expansion refresh misbehavior
      - Map: Screen gets moved when the mouse pointer is dragged towards south east in the map
      - Rally point, Market place, Map: Not possible to paste both coordinates together
      - Statistics: Players with the same values appear is different ranking positions in different tabs
      - Alliance: Assign to position: player names are cut short in RTL
      - Marketplace: Send resources: Number of merchants is not checked in-between of deliveries
      - Regions: Players in ACP deletion are calculated into the regional population
      - Troops: Settler's speed is not correct for Egyptians, Teutons and Romans

      This update will be applied on August 16 2018 at 12:00 GMT +1

      Downtimes are possible of 5 to 20 minutes so prepare accordingly

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