[Travian: Legends] Changelog

    • (Cheesecake) Release – 1

      Just a quick bugfix coming up so here is the info you need to be informed. :)

      This will take place on May 3rd 2017 at 13:00 GMT +2

      The expected downtime will be in the range of 5 to 30 minutes.

      Construct new building - Cranny – Updated text
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    • UPDATE Cheesecake 10.2

      On May 17, 2017 at 13:00 hours GMT +2
      Travian Legends will be updated with the following bug fixes....

      - We want to give defense points of nature troops to their owners
      - Players get warned when entering the vacation mode with negative crop
      - Vacation: Sitter: Incorrect message shown after clicking disabled abort mode button
      - Statistics: Alliance: Top 10 Climbers(population): If your alliance is not in the top 10, the population gained is not displayed.
      - Alliance Profile Members Tab: Breaks page for some players
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    • UPDATE Cheesecake 19

      Here are the latest bug fixes that will be part of this update

      Bug fixes
      - Ban Payment/Scripts & Bots/InfoBox: after account is unbanned or after the world ends, the counter
      infobox stays
      - Rally point/Nature troops: the problem with nature troops that were not merged to one group & were not
      completely fixed
      - Hero Adventure: Adventure immediately consumed when starting it
      - RoA Treasury: Incorrect string for the description of treasury
      (also listed in ROA changelog)

      This update will take place on June 6th 2017 at 13:00 hours GMT +2
      The down time could be from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

      Prepare now!!!

      Your Travian Team
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    • UPDATE....Artifact Behavior

      I am now posting this update as I must have been eating donuts when we were asked to post it before. :roll:

      Recently there have been some changes in Artifact activation behavior and now the correct behavior is the following.

      - Player still can have only 3 active artefacts on their account, only one of which can be account-wide. Nothing has changed on that matter.

      - If player has 3 artifacts village-scope & conquers a 4th, with the account scope effect, the third (most recent) small artifact gets deactivated, and the 4th artifact is activated.

      Here is the picture to demonstrate how it should work now....

      - The artifact "Great diet control I" gets activated, because it’s of scope "account".
      - The artifacts "The slight titan boots V" and "The eagles slight eyes V" are activated as well, because they are the oldest remaining two artifacts.
      - The artifact "Rivals slight confusion VII" does not get activated because there are already three activated artifacts.
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    • Construction plan UPDATE

      Dear players,

      Recently we received lots of questions about construction plans spawn. Today we give you some information considering the construction plan locations in the game worlds, so you can tune your strategies and prepare for endgame in advance!

      Some players may already be familiar with the fact that construction plan spawn locations are not as random as they might seem. In fact, after playing several rounds, it becomes quite apparent that the locations are more or less static.

      The construction plans are spawned somewhere in the close vicinity of those coordinates:

      Map section & Coordinates

      North West = (-18|30) (-35|4) (-45|37)

      South West = (-26|-25) (-10|-57) (-55| -20)

      North East = (33|12) (12|33) (10|56) (55|20)

      South East = (30|-20) (4|-35) (44|-37)

      It might be a good strategy to take some actions and build your strategy to secure those locations.
      Looking forward to even greater battles during the midgame!

      Travian: Legends team
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    • UPDATE Bagelfish 23.1


      - Lake Image was covering settleable spots on the Map and was adjusted
      - Delete Farmlist Tooltip is now more understandable
      - Ban: Payment, Scripts&Bots: InfoBox: after account is unbanned, or after the world end, the counter infobox stays
      - Hero: Adventure: Display issue if there are two adventures with the same coordinates
      - Map: Tooltip for Natars capital shows Abandoned valley
      - Abandoned villages being attacked causes troops to go into infinite loop
      - Combat simulator: Incorrect number of casualties when spying on a village with walls
      - Quests: Train three settlers task is completed when player catches 3 elephants
      - Reports: It is possible that we show wrong targets in a certain case.
      - Reports: Nature troop reinforcement shows incorrect sender information

      There will be a short downtime involved with this update of 5 to 30 minutes.

      This update will take place on July 18th 2017 at 13:00 hours server time GMT +2
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    • T4.4 (Seamonkey) - 1

      - Added a checkbox on login Screen for the low-res mode on the startpage

      - in-game graphics: Master builder not starting correctly
      - Server time: Changing timezone changes server time
      - in-game graphics: Village is mapped way off on the image area map
      - in-game graphics: Rally Point is misplaced in Natar villages
      - Tutorial: Hints: Broken highlight effect on several UI elements
      - New Mainpage: "Email service error" while trying to recover game world for not activated account
      - in-game graphics: Tab in statistics misbehavior
      - in-game graphics: RTL: UI links do not match the graphics on multiple browsers
      - Language: Every country has the same separator fixed
      - New Mainpage: Not possible to continue interrupted activation with e-mail
      - Battle report: Artefact effect is not checked for raids when a report is created
      - Refer a friend: Incorrect text displayed in the invitation email sent to a friend
      - Alliance page: Overview: Incorrect information in the alliance events if player has been kicked
      - in-game graphics: UI overlay: Clickable areas are fixed now
      - in-game graphics: Map: Village/Oasis pop up: Side tabs too small
      - in-game graphics: CP: Tooltip on the Village progress bar is missing
      - Marketplace: Send resources: Fatal error when clicking Send resources tab
      - Village overview: Resources: amount of free merchants is displayed incorrectly
      - Hero: Consumables: Wrong display of ointments when you heal your hero
      - Horse Drinking Trough not working correctly
      - in-game graphics: Safari: Grey box around ui elements
      - in-game graphics: Confirm button is transparent in Select your Tribe and Starting Position
      - New MainPage: GTL pop up doesnt appear after openning the link from the GT email
      - in-game graphics: Page rendering will briefly draw the window from the top left then move to the center when clicking between tabs

      This UPDATE will take place on September 6th 2017 at 15:00 GMT+2

      There will be downtime associated with this and could be expected to be 15 to 45 Minutes

      New sig coming soon!!

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    • T4.4 (Seamonkey) Patch –14.1


      - Unlock regions earlier - so that it fits with smaller map.
      - Images for Tutorial and Tasks have been updated

      Bug Fixes
      - Low resolution: Map is not displayed in low resolution
      - MainPage: Attempting to login leads to broken page
      - Reports and Filters: Firefox: buttons in reports & rallypoint overview are not centered
      - Translation: RTL: Ratio in some areas is not displayed according to the guidelines
      - Layout: Village View background image cuts the bottom when scrolling
      - Layout: Village View: Travian Answers icon has yellow box around it
      - New Transition: outline for buttons is hard to see when using the tab key
      - Map: Fullscreen mode of Map makes the bottom and right side coordinates improperly visible
      - Fire & Sand: Hero items: Wrong names of some of the Egyptian weapons
      - Layout: Login/logout: Background image is cut
      - Vacation mode: IE11 & Edge: Can not enter vacation mode
      - MainPage: Forgot password: You can set your username as your new password.
      - FF47/IE11: Some elements of the UI are not clickable anymore and pop-up windows cannot be opened
      - IE11: Tutorial: Not possible to finish the "Close window" second task of the tutorial
      - Layout: Warehouse & Granary capacity in header overview always showing 0
      - Tutorial: Page reloads twice when you collect reward for a task
      - WW Village: Once construction plans are activated, troops already in WW villages won't benefit from 50% crop consumption
      - Medals: medals are given to players with 0 points during the first week
      - Layout: Page rendering will briefly shift the window left
      - Layout: Buttons are not as designed

      This update will take place on........ September 20 2017 ~15:00 GMT+2
      There will be downtimes that can be from 15 to 45 minutes.
      Please be sure and prepare for that.
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