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    • International Top10 week 13, reports.

      I have some interesting reports from com, for example the Unique trainer that Vietnam captured from Blackjack, a Turkish player holding a WW. Surprisingly low def.

      Vietnam also payed a visit to some other of Blackjack's villages.

      Here we have a good hammer from Turks that met a wall. They got trough though and two following attacks took a couple of cropfields.

      As always kova741 supplies me with reports from South east, first a wall at his place.

      Sometimes you got that awful rewards when you are out raiding after troops. Billy from !!CS!! caught MoviMot from checkerB offline. I got 9 similar reports, here is the best three.

      Clubs parked in several villages.

      Billy found catas too. I wonder if he had warehouses enough.

      A minor hammer catched, a smaller one with 3 chiefs in another village.

      Suicidal Maniac, !!CS!!, found 59 elephants at Yuhu

      and a lot of crop and 3 chiefs at Picachu, Faguette

      Top10 week 13


      We have billy both as Top attacker and in raider list.


      HellasDT must have killed a lot of the attacking forces.

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    • Arabia and Russia Top10 week 13 - and a challenge!


      Top10 week 13


      I've said it before and repeat it again. If you likes raiding you shall try the Arab qualification.



      I had a short chat with Pristol from WINter. They have already decided where to settle in Final and declare that on the Russian forum They count on 700 accounts and will go for a victory for Ru-team.

      A challenge to Dacia who have North West as their home quad. It have been a while since we had a war about the dominance in NW in Final. Will Dacia and friends accept?

      Top10 week 13



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    • De, Tr and Fr Top10 week 13






      I should have asked why this Polish village was worth so many hammers. Slowly but steady COF ate their way trough the defence until the village was zeroed. Nice ram hammer in the first one.



      Failure on this one.






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      I'm working on a review on all servers before construction plans spawns but it's too late to finish it now. I have marvelous reports from Ghetto when they attacked two of VN's WWs. I was invited to a team chat in Ghetto but more about that tomorrow.

      We start with this and the rest will come tomorrow :)

      Tournament 2017 – It’s time for construction plans!

      Soon it’ll be time for the construction plans to arrive. Templar Knight gave us the coordinates (+/- a couple of fields) before the forums were shut down and Safiren checked if the alliances on the server have made good use of that information.

      Of course it’s not easy to tell if some of the settlements’ locations have been purposefully chosen or not, but Safiren knows that promter, the leader of QuT, is always on the watch when it comes to both artifacts and construction plans – but after all, she is Russian, even if she lives in Germany and play on the international domain.

      The alliance Ghetto, allied with Rise and IKEA (mixed international players with several Scandinavians) is the one that seems to have been up to something – but are their recent actions the result of the construction plan announcement or was it done for a completely different purpose altogether?

      PP (Croatia) has also covered the construction plan area quite well.

      Dacia (Romania) don’t bother about WWs this round and they don’t have many villages in the construction plan zone.

      The list below is based on the alliances that are located closest to the possible construction plan spawn points.
      Wonders of the World require two plans to be built up to level 100, so let’s take a look at the chances of the primary metas to take two in the first run.

      From the Finals we know that construction plans are not left unattended to for long. Usually no longer than 1-2 hours. On the qualification server, the areas around the construction plans is more scarcely populated, so we could add an hour or two.

      In the North West, 1453-M (Turks) have a good chance to get at least two out of three available plans. SW (mixed international players) and QuT might try to snipe one of them.

      North West
      -18|30 1453
      -35|4 1453, SW
      -45|37 1453, QuT

      The North East has 4 construction plans, VN (Vietnam) and Ghetto will get one each, while the race for the other two is evenly matched.

      North East
      33|12 Ghetto, Rise, VN
      12|33 VN, Ghetto, Turkey
      10|56 VN, Rise, Turkey, 1453, Ghetto
      55|20 VN, Ghetto, IKEA

      Things are a bit more exciting in the South East. Hellas DT (Greeks) have been seen as favorites from the start by many. They have only one construction plan in their area and PP, who also have a WW, are close to several and might be able to take two.

      South East
      30|-20 PP, Ghetto
      4|-35 PP
      44|-37 HellasDT, A, PP,

      In the South West, Dacia said they would support SAM CZ (Czech). As neither of them are close to getting any construction plans, they will have to trust on SW to take them. But – SW have their own WW. Will they be willing to follow orders and support SAM CZ too?

      South West
      -26|-25 SW,
      -10|-57 SW, PP
      -55|-20 SW, Dacia, 1453
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    • International week 14 Ghetto team chat


      I forgot to mention that yesterdays post was in cooperation with Thanks to Martina Toso for making the map video!

      So, lets see what we have from International. I asked this weekend if it was possible to join a Ghetto chat. It is for us unknown players in Tournament and they have been a welcome change in a sometimes too predictable game.

      To be fair, they are not alone. I think International have been fortunate this year with well balanced participants of alliances from servers around the world.

      Anyway, I got an invite to a team chat in Ghetto. It always a pleasure to meet new players :)

      The most marvellous I found out about them is that they didn’t know each other before start and that they haven’t played Tournament before. It was Miko, Tuomiopäivä, that recruited them when the Balkan meta in NE broke apart. They are international with players from many countries.

      It’s rare to find an ally that isn’t preplanned and furthermore do quite well in Tournament.

      They told me a story about when they spiked a farm in the beginning of the server, it was week 3-4. Badboy, Turks, lost 500 tks in a single raid. He thought only a hero or some small reins spiked him and sent all his tks but it was near 10K def in that village.

      We had a talk about their WW on which they late laid their hand , but it was planned they said. They wanted more villages in WW area first. There was also some talks about the best amount of Great Warehouse in WW, and which artefacts to use and when but since that must be seen as internal business I can’t reveal anything about it ^^

      I asked Stardust (it was only guys in the chat) who was from Italy why he had decided to start on TT. He said that he was no 1 on com5 for too long and got bored. He wanted something more exciting to do.

      Stardust said that he plays on com servers because because he don’t like the Italian servers. It’s only 2 big blocks and it never changes, Uollas and ita that fights each other. Those two that now play together on Germany qual, the rumor says that they will play with Dacia in Final.

      I was told that next offensive was two of Vietnams WWs, together with IKEA, and next day I could follow as the hammers went away - and VN response to try to chief or croplock attackers villages.

      The operation was a success, Vietnam hadn't activated their Unique Architect and when they did it was 1h too late for the attacks.

      Miko [Nallukka, Tuomiopäivä] Punto: But 5x GW, MB, Wall and damage to GG's is good also. Ghetto has done their job in the server, you can say whatever you want but our job is done, we are ready for the finals


      Tuomiopäivä: Wall DOWN

      Lud_blesav: Some defs killed

      Fallen angel: h 2x GW DOWN

      Coconutangel: 1x GW + 1x MB DOWN

      Slayed: 1x GW DOWN

      Makaveli: 1x GW DOWN

      Abrakadabra: 2x GG Damaged

      Lundy: Hitted 1,5 hours late, unique archi was active so only 2lvl GG.


      Pri3st: Wall DOWN 1x GW DOWN

      Circa0218: Some defs killed

      Circa218: 1x GW DOWN

      Slayed: 1x GW Damaged

      Princephilip: 1x MB DOWN

      Iceman: a 2x GW DOWN

      Inanna: 1x GW DOWN

      Nimetön: 1x GW DOWN

      Lud_blesav: 1x GW DOWN

      From kova74, !!CS!!, I got those reports. Hellas lost small eyes.

      Time for statistics.

      Players 3082, Natars 1510

      Pop needed to qualify: 2141

      Off points: 10335

      Def points: 13989

      Top raider: 388 millions


      The visible clusters are Ghetto and VN in NorthEast




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    • Arabia week 14


      Players: 3300, Natars 9200

      Pop needed to qualify: 955

      Off points: 1300

      Def points: 5545

      Top raider: 724 millions

      It's not hard to tell that ND will get all construction plans on Arabia server. DM holds two WW, 100|100 and 100|0, for now that is.
      Will Arabia be first to finish this year? (It's usually Russia)

      All clusters belongs to ND:

      DM WWs hasn't much support, the second has even less:



      Alliances Top10

      DM holds rank 2 in both off and def in Top20 so even if they are outnumbered they have fought.

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    • Russia week 14


      Players: 2475, Natars 877.

      Pop needed to qualify: 877

      Off points: 6271

      Def points: 11532

      Top raider: 292 million

      Cerber has so big clusters so I wonder if there is a spot for construction plans to spawn. I also found single Cerber players near spawn areas in other quads. TG has chance for several plans and VC (Czech) might get one, Winter have a chance too for one. I'm told that only Cerber builds WW seriously.

      Clusters in NE is mostly Cerber, in NW it's WINter and Summer.

      Top 10



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    • Germany week 14


      Players: 2248, Natars 428.

      Pop needed to qualify: 631

      Off points: 4549

      Def points: 6722

      Top raider: 90 millions

      FF (Germany) have the upper hand on many construction plans. Where ever I looked I could find FF or FailGER in the neighbourhood. HUN, LT, Kansloos and a small Hellas ally can also get one. Uollas with friends aren't close.

      Deutschland WW was banned for bots, let me guess it was a not allowed croptool. 33% reduced pop and all troops deleted.

      Clusters in NE is Uollas and in NW it is FF. The area around Gray zone seems to be of no interest.





      A wall built in 2 hours.

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    • Turkey week 14


      Players 4390, Natars 633 (many has been chiefed)

      Pop needed to qualify: 5712

      Off points: 30558

      Def points: 31328

      Top raider: 655 millions

      I guess it will not surprise anyone that COF has villages placed on strategic spots. Poland has control in their own quad. The WW on 100|-100 (Türkiye?) is a bit confusing. NB has a cluster there but their WW is on 0|-100.

      Clusters in NE = COF, in SW = PS, and so NB (China) in SE




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    • France week 14


      Players 2549, Natars 554

      Pop needed to qualify: 785

      Off points: 4636

      Def points: 9598

      Top raider: 258 millions

      COQ has 6 WWs followed by Indonesia with 5. The distribution of construction plans looks to be similar. The cluster in SW is very mixed, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine share areas.

      The cluster in SW is very mixed, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine share areas. I NE it's COQ with allied.




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