Not to sure where this would belong

    We've implemented the New Combat Simulator and combat reports on the PTR server.
    Check it out and provide your feedback here!

    • Not to sure where this would belong

      Hello everyone!

      It's has been a few years since I've last played! Wow! So much has changed... Can't really recall when I was last on...Hmmm! It was when alliance Storm was everywhere..Yeah. I am sure that didn't help. LOL!

      Anyway. Hello everyone!
    • Well, you are not in the wrong place. That I can say. Which server was Storm on? And hello to you too
      Rd 23- The REv(WW Builder)
      Rd 24- The Blind Ones(WW Builder and Winners with NNOF)
      Rd 25- Danali
      Rd 26- Teutobod(Defected), Topnatch(Inactive)
      Rd 27- AirPreNe
      Rd 28- Took a break
      Rd 29- Zig & Zag
      Rd 30- Hustleboys